Calling on Congress to Repeal The Medical Device Excise Tax

On September 24, 2019, a letter was sent to Congressional Leaders in the Senate and House leadership on behalf of  a group of over six hundred innovators, patient groups, physicians, hospitals, venture capitalists and other stakeholders representing millions of patients and hundreds of thousands medical technology jobs,  requesting that Congress prioritize repeal of the medical device excise tax before it causes any more harm to the innovation ecosystem. Continue reading

Announcing the 2017 AZBio Trailblazers

The 2017 AZBio Trailblazer Honorees are: House Speaker JD Mesnard, Senator Nancy Barto, Senator Kimberly Yee, Senator Kate Brophy McGee, Representative Lela Alston, Representative Heather Carter, Representative Regina Cobb, DDS, Representative Randall Friese, MD, and  Representative Jay Lawrence.Continue reading