BioCentury This Week: Resetting Perceptions of the Possible

BioCentury 12.23.12 - [1]

DARPA jump-started the Internet. Now it’s tackling something really complicated — the human body.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency pursues life science projects that are rooted in military needs — like the threat of microbes or brain injury in the battlefield. But with a budget of almost $400 million a year, DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office also promises to transform civilian medicine.

DARPA is known for pioneering advanced robotics from the battlefield to the operating room. Now its life science interests are reaching even further out.

It has   helped fund Foldit, a crowd-sourced online game that has attracted 240,000   players to solve complex three-dimensional protein folding problems.
Its   Microphysiological System project is using engineered human tissue to mimic   human physiological systems.
Its   REMIND project seeks to recover short-term memory.
Its ADEPT   project aims to build “diagnostics on demand.”

On the newest edition of BioCentury This Week television, Dr. Jay Schnitzer, the head of the Defense Sciences Office, describes where DARPA hopes to revolutionize biomedical science.



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