Peoria bioscience incubator to focus on medical-device firms

Peoria’s bioscience builder recently changed names but  its goal is unwavering

The name of Peoria’s bioscience incubator has changed but its mission remains  unchanged on the verge of its launch.

BioInspire, previously Peoria Incucelerator, is expected to open early next  month at 13660 N. 94th Drive in Plaza Del Rio near Loop 101 and Thunderbird  Road.

The incubator is a partnership among the city and BioAccel, a Phoenix-based  non-profit that works to commercialize life-science technologies, and Plaza  Companies, a Valley-based real estate firm that specializes in medical office,  technology and bioscience facilities.

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Show Up – Stand Out

Almost every day, as CEO of Arizona’s Bioindustry Association, I see and hear about the most amazing things.

I meet researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are discovering and developing new ways to feed the world, create alternate sources of energy, and are delivering innovations that sustain, improve and save lives.

I meet lawyers, bankers, investors, advisers, economic developers and leaders committed to do helping them do just that.

The funny thing is, in almost every conversation, at one point or another, the same questions come up:

  • How do I connect to partners?
  • How do I connect to capital?
  • Where do I find the talent I need to grow my team and my  business?
  • Are the resources I need available here?
  • How do I let people know how what we have/do can help them?
  • How can I help my elected officials understand what we need to succeed?

The underlying belief is that we each could be more successful if we had the answers to those 6 questions.

Perhaps the answers can be found if we follow two steps…

Step One:  Showing Up

Whether it is showing up at events, at capital conferences, at industry gatherings, or at  the State or Nation’s Capitol, showing up is the  first step towards getting the attention, shared understanding, support and resources we need to succeed. Showing up and engaging person-to-person lays the foundation for relationships, future collaborations, and partnerships.

We miss the chance to tell our story, demonstrate our expertise, or gain acceptance for our innovation, product or service if we do not connect and engage with others.

Step Two:  Standing Out

When we show up we often find that we are not alone.  Lots of folks understand the importance of showing up and do it consistently.  So the next step is making sure we stand out. There are many strategies for standing out from the crowd.  Here are just a few.

  • Show up consistently.  When you do, old friends look for you and new contacts are told to keep an eye out for you as someone they will want  to meet.
  • Demonstrate what you do or have to offer.  For example, the top 10% don’t just show up for trade shows and conferences, they are on center stage and top of mind with exhibits, poster presentations, sponsorships and ads.  They are  easy to spot and much less likely to get lost in the crowd.  They are much more likely to be remembered the next day too.
  • Offer assistance.  Those that help others get singled out, are at the center of the action, and rarely get lost in the melee.
  • Deliver value.  Nothing makes a longer lasting impression.

This Spring AZBio has a number of opportunities for you to Show Up and Stand Out. 

From simple community gatherings in each region like Beer & Bio to statewide events like the AZBio Expo and at national conferences including the Bio International Convention and AdvaMed 2012, AZBio is committed to providing you with the opportunity to show up, stand out and get noticed.

Want more opportunities to get engaged?  Every week we’ll keep you In The Loop with the latest events and up to  date schedule of where you can show up and stand out.  Plus, you can find national opportunities by subscribing to AZBio Opportunity Alerts at

It’s all part of AZBio’s commitment to you and  to your company.

We’re keeping our community connected  so that together we all keep moving forward faster.

AZBio Welcomes 2012 Board of Directors

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Peoria Mayor Welcomes the addition of new Medical Device and Bioscience Incubator

As seen in the Arizona Republic on 11/18/2011

Peoria will soon play host to bioscience startups, with the lofty long-term  goal of becoming a bioscience hub focused on medical devices that would bring  high-paying jobs to the city.

The Peoria City Council on Tuesday night unanimously approved a partnership  with BioAccel, a Phoenix non-profit that mentors startups, as well as Plaza  Companies of Peoria, which would host the Peoria Incucelerator. The name comes  from the combination of incubator and accelerator.Continue reading

The FDA When There’s An App For That

There is a lot happening on the medical device front these days around MDDS (Medical Device Data Systems) and the FDA is paying close attention with new regulations, guidance and requests for comment. 

With the  April 2012 compliance deadline less than 8 months away, AZBio Member John C. Hoffman of QMR is paying close attention too and keeping our community in the loop via the AZBio  Resource Network Group on LinkedIn.  If you and your team are working in the MDDS space, you’ll want to get connected and join the discussion.

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First Things First

In an industry like ours, doing things in the right order matters.  It does not matter of you are working in the lab, biz dev or the front office.  When you forget to put first things first you might not get the outcome you expect…or need.

At AZBio we have been investing our time in research.  For us that means getting out of the office and into the  community to talk to Members, create opportunities to connect and to listen to what they have to say.  Whether we are are in one-on-one visits to Members and their companies, meetings at the GPEC, The Desert Angels or BCLSA or hanging out with the AZBio Gang at Beer and Bio, we’ve been asking questions and gathering data on what you, our members want and need.   So far this research has led to some new developments and there are a lot more coming,  Here are FIVE important things you said…Continue reading