TGen identifies gene that could help prevent or delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease

Boosting ABCC1 could lessen the production of plaque linked to Alzheimer’s development

PHOENIX, Ariz. — April 13, 2021 — Findings of a study by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, suggest that increasing expression of a gene known as ABCC1 could not only reduce the deposition of a hard plaque in the brain that leads to Alzheimer’s disease, but might also prevent or delay this memory-robbing disease from developing.

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ASU is among the leaders in patents granted, start-ups launched

Tempe, Ariz., April 8, 2021 Arizona State University, through Skysong Innovations, continues to achieve high rankings in technology transfer metrics. The latest read on this is a survey by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM). According to AUTM’s most recent survey (fiscal year 2019), ASU was fourth in patents granted, fourth in startups companies launched and third in inventions disclosed when compared to other universities without a medical school.

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