CellTrust Expands Resources for HIPAA Compliant Mobile Communications

CellTrust launches HIPAA Compliant Communication Server to Provide Secure SMS, Secure Voice and  Secure Email for Mobile Devices and Tablets

CellTrust Provides  HIPAA-Compliant Secure Unified Communication Server for SecureSMS, Voice, and Email Communication for Protected Heath Information (PHI)


CellTrust Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in secure mobile communication (www.celltrust.com), has announced the launch of the HIPAA Compliant Communication Server; a tailoring of its patented, secure mobile messaging and voice technologies specifically to meet needs and requirements of the healthcare industry.

The CellTrust HIPAA Compliant Communication Server enables healthcare organizations, their patients, and staff, to communicate patient information via secure SMS/text messaging, secure voice calls, and secure email, thereby enforcing privacy and security rules. Unlike regular text messages, CellTrust’s HIPAA Compliant Communication Server is fully compliant with HIPAA for providing real-time Protected Health Information communications, so healthcare organizations can securely send and receive information with their mobile devices; from simple communication such as patient status, to more complex information, such as patient medical records, medication or prescription information, and lab-related work – all without requiring connection to the internal network. Healthcare related compliancy and auditing is provided by powerful web based reporting. Standard (non-secure) SMS messaging is also facilitated through the HIPAA Compliant Communication Server for non-confidential communication with patients, such as appointment or medication reminders.

“CellTrust’s HIPAA Compliant Communication Server removes the HIPAA compliance barriers and security obstacles for mobile communications that contain Protected Health Information,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust. “Ultimately, our text, voice, and email solution improves patient care by improving response times, decision-making, and by providing physicians, nurses, and other clinicians with greater mobility as they are caring for patients.” CellTrust is making HIPAA-compliant communications available to A.T. Still University, as a continuation of their ongoing collaboration for the Text2Floss Program.

“Having a HIPAA compliant platform to enable secure, compliant mobile communication is essential to meeting HIPAA requirements in healthcare,” said Tony S. Hashemian, D.D.S. and Assistant Dean for Global Oral Health at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, A.T. Still University.

The HIPAA Compliant Communication Server is available as a hosted cloud solution, or as an enterprise solution where the server and all data are administered and maintained within the healthcare organization’s data center. CellTrust additionally provides a free API interface and SDK to readily integrate with healthcare applications and devices. The HIPAA Compliant Communication Server is compatible with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other J2ME operating systems, and allows administrators to easily implement, expand, and scale their trusted networks to include groups or individuals between multiple hospital and organizational connections.

CellTrust provides end to end security with military-grade AES 128 and 256 bit encryption making sure messages and calls are kept confidential.

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