Connect on May 17th and All Year Round with AZBio

Make connections all year round:  Introducing AZBio Expo Online!

Expos are great opportunities to connect and engage with your community  but what about the folks who could not make it on the big day?

AZBio, working in partnership with New Angle Media, has a solution for you.  Introducing the AZBio Expo Online, a virtual exposition   showcasing your company, product and services 24/7 and 365 days a  year. When you sign up to Exhibit at this year’s AZBio Expo you receive the full exhibitors package which includes:

  • 10  x 10 or 10x 20 exhibit space
  • A   Half Page Ad in the AZBio Expo Program (Full page ads for a 10 x 20)
  • 2   Full Access Tickets
  • Your   online exhibit on the AZBio Expo Online.

What can you display in YOUR online exhibit? Options include:

  • Voice Over PowerPoint recorded webinars highlighting your company,  products or services
  • Investor  presentations
  • Partnering  or Licensing Opportunities
  • Community  Profiles to attract companies or site selectors
  • Company Videos
  • Data  Sheets
  • And  More

Visit to reserve your exhibit booth today and get ready to shine a spotlight on your company all year.   We’ll Debut the AZBio Expo Online on May 17th and then share it with the world with the official launch at the BIO  International Convention June 18-21 in Boston.

We’re getting ready to show the world WHY Arizona’s bioscience industry is moving forward faster.


AZBio Expo 2012, May 17, 2012 at Grand Canyon Arena

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