Connecting to Research Funding: A look at Benefunder

Benefunder Launches Charitable Innovation Fund to Connect Donors With Top Researchers New High-Impact Philanthropic Product Gives Savvy Advisors an ‘Edge’

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 Last week, I headed to La Jolla for the Cavendish Forum to learn more about what is happening in the world of Impact Investing and Impact Philanthropy.  It was also a great opportunity to share the message about the exciting work happening here in Arizona. – Joan Koerber-Walker, President and CEO, AZBio


Cavendish Global provides family offices and their foundations (from North America, Europe, Asia, the GCC and Latin America) with a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the innovative resources required to help develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investment, grant making and sustainable philanthropy programs within health and the life sciences.

Cavendish Global, in partnership with co-hosts – The University of California San Diego, The J. Craig Venter Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, The Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, and The Institute of the Americas  included presentations by leading family office members from around the world, accomplished foundations and representatives of sovereign wealth funds as well as the best scientists, accomplished healthcare delivery professionals and health policy experts driving major advances in health and medical outcomes.


Responding to the rising demand for high impact philanthropy is San Diego-based Benefunder, an organization that works with wealth management firms to connect donors with top researchers across the country. Benefunder has launched its one-of-a-kind Charitable Innovation Fund , which is a purpose-driven, hosted Donor Advised Fund or ‘DAF.’

“Through Benefunder, donors become engaged philanthropists who are making personalized decisions in their charitable giving,” said Christian Braemer, Cofounder and CEO of Benefunder. “By directly funding researchers, donors are assured maximum impact for every dollar they give, instead of just writing a blank check to a charity and never knowing where that money is actually going.”

Benefunder’s Charitable Innovation Fund enables philanthropists to create and name a tax deductible fund, establish and implement a planned giving strategy, build a personalized portfolio of top researchers according to their profile, and track progress and milestones along the way. Through this unique fund, Benefunder facilitates a significantly lower overhead structure, greater access, and unparalleled transparency.

Philanthropists have a powerful opportunity to fund what matters to them while helping to push novel innovations like these to the masses.

“Now is the time for goals-driven philanthropy to incorporate diversification, asset allocation, and planned giving, creating a new and much needed dynamic in this space.” Braemer said. “Research needs to be in everyone’s funding portfolio because it affects every possible philanthropic cause.”

Through its Charitable Innovation Fund, Benefunder connects donors with the nation’s top researchers across all fields of study, including life sciences, new technologies, the environment and the arts and humanities. Benefunder has the largest active researcher portal in the United States, with more than 600 top researchers who are working on breakthrough treatments and solutions that will greatly impact and benefit society.

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