CTX Acquires Promising Proprietary Drug Delivery Assets

CTX Technology Inc., based in Tucson, Arizona, has acquired the intellectual property, formulations and related data of Convoy Therapeutics Inc.

Built on peptide-based skin-penetration platform technology developed in the laboratory of Samir Mitragotri, PhD, at the University of California Santa Barbara, the Convoy Therapeutics assets include proprietary formulations for both therapeutic and aesthetic applications.

The proprietary peptide platform technology is uniquely capable of transporting small and large molecules, with a wide range of molecular weights, including biologics, into the skin and ensuring that they remain at the site of local placement. The technology represents a new approach for improved topical delivery of a wide range of active ingredients.

Of the proprietary formulations acquired, Khalay HATM, a formulation of hyaluronic acid, has shown superior moisturizing and wrinkle-reduction performance for aesthetic applications. CyclopsorbTM is a promising disease-modifying therapeutic that targets mild-to-moderate psoriasis. Both formulations utilize the CTX peptide-based skin-penetration platform technology.

CTX will commercialize the existing proprietary formulations through focused partnerships, continue to work on new applications and out-license the platform technology for the therapeutic and aesthetic markets.

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