Dr. AJ Milici appointed Flagship Biosciences’ Head of Biology

Flagship Biosciences announced on April 3, 2014 that Dr. Anthony J. Milici has been appointed Head of Biology. Dr. Milici brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical drug development experience in the areas of neurodegenerative disease, inflammation, and oncology.

Flagship-LogoPrior to joining Flagship, Dr. Milici was head of a neuroscience imaging lab with Pfizer, where he directed a team of researchers and novel histopathology imaging techniques in neuroscience, oncology, and inflammation areas. Prior to his career at Pfizer, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. Some of his work has been presented on amyloid plaque quantitation at multiple conferences, and he is a well-respected leader in histopathology imaging in the neurosciences community. He holds several patents and is an author on over fifty peer-reviewed publications in the area of neuroscience and inflammation.

Dr. Milici has recently been actively developing validation processes for the utilization of algorithms to quantify leukocyte populations in both tumor sections and tissue microarrays. “Dr. Milici has expertise in cell biology, covering a number of therapeutic areas including Neuroscience, Inflammation, Allergy, and Cancer. During his long career, Dr. Milici has demonstrated success in identifying and implementing new technologies in the drug discovery process, as well as identifying and utilizing external resources (both academic and industrial) to augment research studies.” Said Dr. Joseph Kreuger, Chief Scientific Officer at Flagship Biosciences. “Dr. Milici has proven ability to build and implement vision plans that are adaptable to circumstances. Dr. Milici is also an excellent team player who identifies, retains and develops talent.”

Dr. Milici has served as the Director of Inflammation and Neuroscience for Flagship since early 2012, and his new position will augment the critical role of scientific leadership internally and externally at Flagship. “I am excited about this new role and working with all Flagship scientists in developing new image analysis solutions” said Dr. Milici. “I look forward to advancing Flagship’s technical and scientific success in this new position.”

Flagship Biosciences is a pathologist-owned pharmaceutical services organization that specializes in the delivery of quantitative pathology to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device clients. Flagship leverages digital pathology to combine novel quantitative scoring algorithms with anatomic pathology expertise and experience. They are the largest provider of pathologist-supervised brightfield and fluorescence scanning and image analysis capabilities.

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