Dr. Connie Mariano named Chief Clinical Officer and Chair of Medical Advisory Board at EmpowHER

2011 AZBio Fast Lane Award Honoree EmpowHER Media names Dr. Connie Mariano Chief Clinical  Officer and Chair of Medical Advisory Board

Leading Social   Health Company for Women Appoints Lauded Industry Luminary and Former White House Physician to Clinical Oversight Roles
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Dr. Connie Mariano


SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(Marketwire – December 21, 2011) –


EmpowHER,   an award-winning social health company for women, today announces that former White House Physician Dr. Connie Mariano will serve as the company’s Chief   Clinical Officer and Chair of the Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Mariano is a   pioneer in her field and has accumulated a career of many firsts including:   the first military woman to become a White House Doctor, the first woman to   become a Director of the White House Medical Unit, and the first Filipino-American in United States history to become a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

As Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Mariano will act as EmpowHER’s chief clinical correspondent with the media as well as will work closely with the   company’s editorial leadership to provide clinical oversight for EmpowHER’s   award-winning and industry-leading library of women’s health and wellness   content — categorizing over 700 women’s health conditions and wellness  topics and nearly 130,000 pieces of original video, article and   user-generated content. In her role as Chair of the company’s Medical   Advisory board, Dr. Mariano will drive an agenda that ensures EmpowHER’s   Medical Advisory Board is not only aligned with specific strategic   initiatives of the company, but also utilized to the maximum benefit for the   over 40 million female health consumers who will visit EmpowHER in 2012 and   who rely on credible content from credentialed experts on the site.

“Dr. Connie Mariano is an extraordinary woman with impeccable   credentials and a remarkable list of professional accomplishments and   achievements,” says EmpowHER Media Founder, Chair and CEO, Michelle   King Robson. “Chief among them, her tireless dedication to helping   patients find their voice and helping them seek the best care of themselves   — something we do on a daily basis at EmpowHER. We are thrilled to welcome a   visionary and pioneer who shares the EmpowHER mission of advocacy to such   important roles for the company.”

Dr. Mariano began her career as a Naval officer, receiving her   board-certification in Internal Medicine and in June 1992, became the first   military woman in American History to be appointed White House Physician;   later named Director of the White House Medical Unit and chosen by President William Clinton to serve as his personal physician. Dr. Mariano served nine years at the White House where she was physician to three sitting American  presidents. Upon completing 24 years of active duty service, Dr. Mariano  retired from the Navy in June 2001 with the rank of Rear Admiral — becoming   the first Filipino-American in history to achieve the admiral rank.

After leaving the White House, Dr. Mariano became a consultant in the  Executive Health program at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, and in November   2005, Dr. Mariano founded the Center for Executive Medicine, a medical  concierge practice which provides presidential-quality medical care to CEOs   and their families. Additionally, as an expert in presidential health care  including the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Dr. Mariano is a frequent   guest speaker on CNN and the media on the topics of care to VIPs,   presidential disability, travel medicine, and optimizing the quality of care.   She is also the author of the book, “The White House Doctor: My Patients  were Presidents, A Memoir.”

“Working closely with the EmpowHER team allows me to leverage my   background and experience with some of the brightest and most passionate   people in the industry to achieve an even higher standard in women’s health   on the Web, and elsewhere,” says Dr. Connie Mariano. “Working in a   capacity that has the potential to save, change and improve millions of lives   every day is an honor. I am thrilled to work with a company like EmpowHER —   together we will work on giving women an even louder voice when it comes to their health and wellness.”

Dr. Mariano follows outgoing Medical Advisory Board Chair and Chief   Clinical Officer Dr. Archelle Georgiou who will continue to serve on both the   EmpowHER Medical and Business Advisory Boards.

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