DxInsights inside EPEMED – An EPEMED European Knowledge Center on Personalised Medicine and Diagnostics.

On November 13, 2014, EPEMED and DxInsights announced  their partnership during the joint EPEMED 4th International Conference and 3rd Health Economics & Personalised Medicine Symposium at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Amsterdam.


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Both European and American organisations joined forces to launch an EPEMED European Knowledge Center with DxInsights Inside, a unique European library over Personalised Medicine and Diagnostics. Together they bring on the web the largest international database in the field.

This massive and centralized information source was unveiled in the presence of representatives of national governments, European institutions, industry, academia and prestigious research panels.

“This initiative is a strong addition to EPEMED – providing European specific data with targeted insights directly addressing the challenges confronting the efficient delivery of personalised medicines to European patients.” said Alain Huriez, MD EPEMED Founder and Chairman. Moreover, “EPEMED and DxInsights fully align towards educating healthcare stakeholders on Personalised Medicine and the paramount impact of diagnostics in improving patients’ care. Our partnership is a natural collaboration, adding to DxInsights’ reach as well as providing an important resource for the international healthcare community.” adds Mara Aspinall, EPEMED Vice-President and DxInsights Founder.

As a knowledge pooling tool, “DxInsights inside EPEMED” goes beyond providing information. It offers well organized interesting and comprehensive knowledge for EPEMED members on European personalised medicine and diagnostics, ranging from clinical, research, industry, regulatory, economic and education arenas.

EPEMED and DxInsights intend to expand personalised medicine and diagnostic insights inside the European landscape, and create a unique educational experience for their community of members, experts and partners with a quick reference and only integrated portal of key industry facts.

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