AZBioPEERS: Protecting Your Innovations, Intellectual Property Essentials

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Date(s) - 18 Jun 2024
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Join us for an insightful webinar on intellectual property tailored for life science startups, presented by Jason Jardine, AZBio board member and partner at Knobbe Martens. With extensive experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, Jason specializes in IP strategy, patent prosecution, and litigation. In this session, he’ll cover essential IP concepts, best practices for protecting innovations, and strategies to leverage IP assets for competitive advantage.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

8:00 am – 9:00 am (AZST) on Zoom

About Our Speaker:

Jason Jardine, Partner at Knobbe Martens

Appreciated for his strategic analysis and solutions that fit each client’s specific needs, Jason Jardine represents a diverse clientele in all aspects of intellectual property acquisition, protection and enforcement across the U.S. and abroad. Amiable, easy-going, flexible and smart, Jason is sensitive to his client’s bottom line and seeks to diligently conserve their resources at every turn. Clients appreciate not only that Jason’s practice is truly multi-faceted, but also that he is absolutely committed to achieving their objectives and financial goals.

Jason’s clients include fast-growth and emerging companies seeking to acquire their first patent, which is usually the most difficult to obtain, as well as middle market and major corporations with thousands of IP assets and multiple families of patents. Jason’s clients are international in scope, with special attention to California and Arizona businesses. Jason focuses on helping to acquire patents, including patent prosecution, planning and advice related to infringement. Jason also advises on the acquisition and enforcement of trademarks and copyrights, prepares infringement and invalidity studies, and navigates clients through and beyond licensing and the IP due diligence issues that permeate M&A activity.

Notably, Jason is particularly skilled in taking distressed patents that are languishing at the USPTO and getting them approved, launched, leveraged and/or sold. Jason is known for succeeding where other lawyers and law firms have fallen short. A testament to those he serves, Jason has maintained client relationships that have spanned more than a decade. A “vision whisperer” with one client noting his work as an “an answer to a prayer,” Jason’s ability to analyze his client’s competition and realize the right result allow him to design long- and short-term IP and brand development strategies grounded in law and practical business sense.

Jason’s experience spans the full range of life science disciplines, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals and medical devices, and also chemistry, clean technology and hydrogen fuel cells, semiconductors, metal works/mining, action sports and fashion. He is also skilled in the area of computer science inventions related to hospital and emergency data management and the gamification of data.

Nominated a “top attorney” in San Diego County, Jason served as the San Diego Chapter Chair of the Licensing Executives Society and as a mentor for the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) and the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET). He is a frequent speaker at the World Life Sciences Conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) on IP topics and a sponsor and presenter at San Diego Fashion Week on branding and IP protection. An officer on the Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee of the IBA, Jason regularly contributes to the firm’s Life Science and Fashion blogs.