Find high quality clinical research sites in Arizona with ASU CONECTR


ASU CONECTR, an established network of high quality clinical research sites in Arizona, assists organizations in the placement and conduct of clinical trials.  Committed to excellence in clinical research processes, CONECTR sites have a track record of rapid study start-up, faster contract and regulatory turnaround times, and successful patient enrollment.   For more information about CONECTR, go to .

CONECTR is an enterprise operated by the Center for Healthcare Innovation & Clinical Trials.  The Center’s Mission is to support and promote clinical research that advances healthcare through innovative products, processes, and educational programs.  This academic center within ASU works closely with its community Advisory Board to determine goals of the Center. Since its inception in July 2007, the Center has been a catalyst for the formation of trans-disciplinary collaborations among Arizona-based clinical research entities, university researchers, and global industry sponsors and CROs.

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Some of the Center’s key initiatives are to educate the public about the benefits of participating in clinical trials and to assist ASU researchers to move their research forward from the bench to the clinic

Moving Arizona forward in clinical research is the driving force behind CHI&CT’s innovative goals and strategies.  The success of CONECTR has already brought new revenues to the state, and through the ongoing efforts of the Center, more cutting-edge treatments and medical devices will continue to become available to Arizonans in the future.


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