Have questions about GMO. Check out GMO Answers.

BIO has launched a new initiative called “GMO Answers” that will reach out to the American people, engage with them, embrace their curiosity and skepticism, and answer their questions about how our food is grown – in particular questions they may have about the use of “genetically modified organisms,” or GMOs.


“We are excited about the opportunity to engage with the public and hope that “GMO Answers” will become a useful tool for you and other leaders at all levels of government” shared Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of   BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

The “GMO Answers” website, www.GMOanswers.com, is where leading independent experts – scientists, academics, farmers, moms, and dads – will answer the public’s questions in an easy-to-understand manner.  It  will enable people to ask anything about biotechnology, crops, foods, sustainability, environmental impact, benefits, scientific findings, what the safety data says, and other topics.  Some questions might include:

  • What are GMOs?
  • How are GMOs developed?
  • What genetically modified crops currently exist?
  • Why do farmers plant genetically modified crops?
  • Is food made from these crops safe to eat?
  • Have proper safety studies been done on GMOs?
  • What impact do GMOs have on the environment?




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