HealthTell, Inc. Launches New Pre-Clinical Services Business

An Efficient, Information Rich, High-Throughput Platform to Characterize Antibodies, with a Vision for New Drug Discovery


On May 2, 2017, HealthTell  announced it will be launching a new business segment to service the pre-clinical drug discovery market. A preview into HealthTell’s capabilities will be featured at the 13th Annual Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) at the Seasport World Trade Center in Boston, May 1-5th

Poster Presentations

 Title: High-Throughput, Information-Rich Antibody Characterization Across Diverse Sequence-Space 

Presenter: Matthew Greving, PhD
Date: Monday – Tuesday, May 1-2, 2017

Title:  Antibody Specificity Measurement by Exploration of Diverse Sequence-Space
Ted Tarasow, PhD
Date: Monday – Tuesday, May 1-2, 2017

“We are excited about HealthTell’s platform to significantly improve the quality of therapeutic antibody candidates in the process of drug discovery. We substantially enrich antibody binding information for our customers, and we have the capability to improve the selection of antibody candidates identified in the drug discovery process. This includes improved resolution of epitope binning, off-target binding, linear/structural epitope mapping, and key residue contributions,” said Bill Colston, CEO.

HealthTell has applied their high-density array-based peptide library platform to characterize antibody (Ab, mAb) binding profiles and address key limitations of current approaches. Specifically: 1) Assays are performed in high-throughput 96-well microtiter format, 2) Low-cost, comprehensive and position-level mAb binding sequence space coverage is achieved with a 126K diverse sequence peptide array library to drive the design of a 17K focused sequence peptide array library,  and 3) These arrays do not require prior epitope knowledge for library design, binding profile measurement and epitope identification.

HealthTell, Inc (, headquartered in San Ramon, CA, is pioneering the field of immunomics. The company is developing next generation immune profiling assays that broadly characterize the immune system, serving as a platform technology for the biopharmaceutical, search and clinical communities. The technology uses a proprietary immune profiling technology to analyze the immune system’s response against disease – with unprecedented depth and specificity. With applications in drug target discovery, monoclonal antibody characterization, and disease monitoring and therapeutic response, HealthTell will shed new light on important diseases such as autoimmune, cancer, CNS, and infectious disease. HealthTell operates a state-of-the-art high throughput centralized laboratory in San Ramon, CA that supports clients in biopharmaceuticals, and research collaborators.

The science behind HealthTell’s platform originated from the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute, and has been well vetted in scientific peer-reviewed literature. Rather than targeting the disease itself, the HealthTell test profiles the immune system of a patient and looks for patterns that correspond to the patient’s health, all from a single drop of blood. Like genetic sequencing, the test is a discovery platform that can be used for many different applications, but it has the added benefits of being simple to run, inexpensive, and easy to interpret.

The company shared in a 2016 press release that its manufacturing facility in Chandler, AZ, was  producing nearly 100,000 tests a year. HealthTell has also established numerous relationships with key centers of excellence, academic institutions, and hospitals throughout the country.

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