Humabiologics and REGEMAT 3D partner to provide printable human-derived biomaterials to the European Market

Humabiologics, an industry leader in providing human-derived biomaterials for regenerative medicine, and REGEMAT 3D, a company at the forefront of personalized biofabrication solutions, announce they have entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement to respond to the growing demand and serve a broader life sciences customer base of industry partners and academic institutions in the European bioprinting and drug testing market.

Development and optimization of new biomaterials has become a paramount step in the progress of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, especially when it comes to the success of clinical therapeutic approaches. Human-derived biomaterials better mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural human tissues while avoiding risks associated with xenogenic biomaterials, such as immunological complications or risk of disease transmission. These biomaterials have the potential to reduce the number of animals employed for research and accelerate the translation of research results into clinics.

REGEMAT 3D – amongst the top 15 3D bioprinting emerging companies worldwide and with clients in more than 28 countries – is a pioneer of customized design and development of 3D bioprinters and bioreactors for tissue engineering applications, products tailored not only to a specific research group, but to specific research applications. In response to the current market demand, REGEMAT 3D is planning to extend its biomaterials portfolio focusing on tissue specific advanced bioinks. On that line of action, the company has recently implemented a cell culture and biofabrication lab in its headquarters to validate products prior to market release, execute R&D for individual and collaborative projects and give technical support to its network of clients.

Humabiologics is the first company in the world to develop and commercialize a wide range of high quality, supply-stable, and affordable human-derived biomaterials for translational regenerative medicine applications such as cell therapy, bioprinting, tissue & disease modeling, and drug screening. Their products are extracted from nutrient rich human tissue sourced strictly from tissue partners who comply with all the requirements for transplantable human tissue. Human collagen type I, human gelatin, and human extracellular matrix can be found among the biomaterials offered in their catalog. REGEMAT 3D will provide access to those products to researchers and industry partners in Europe. Some of the biomaterials distributed by REGEMAT 3D will include:

  • HumaDerm: native human skin collagen type I. Ideal for many applications including coating tissue culture surfaces to support cell attachment & growth, for bioink applications, and 3D cell culture. This product is also offered in its methacrylated form, HumaDerMA, having the ability to be photocrosslinked to be mechanically tunable for use in 3D bioprinting, 3D culturing, and many other tissue engineering applications.
  • Huma OsteoGelatin: the first and only human gelatin in the market derived from bone at bloom numbers between 90-300 g to meet translational research and regenerative therapies needs. Ideal for coating tissue culture surfaces with a thin layer of gelatin to support rapid cell attachment & growth or for bioink preparation. It can be combined with other human-derived biomaterials, such as HumaDerm, to make completely human-derived tissue engineered composites. This product is also offered in its methacrylated form, Huma OsteoGelMA, having the ability to be photocrosslinked to be used in 3D bioprinting, 3D culturing, and many other tissue engineering applications.
  • HumaMatrix: One of the first commercially available native, human-derived extracellular matrix products. Due to its human origin and minimal processing, HumaMatrix retains the native matrix proteins and growth factors found in healthy human tissue including collagen, elastin, laminin, glycosaminoglycans and many other matrix proteins. HumaMatrix is a perfect alternative to Matrigel.

“Humabiologics continues to grow its network of bioprinting partners around the world. We are excited to partner to REGEMAT 3D, who is considered at the forefront of bioprinting and has been serving the field with bioprinting resources for several years”, said Dr. Mohammad Albanna, Founder & CEO of Humabiologics. “We look forward to working with the REGEMAT team to respond to the growing demand of clinically relevant biomaterials needed to create human tissue models to improve the process of drug testing and reduce animal testing in the future.”

With their new partnership, Humabiologics and REGEMAT 3D share the common mission of leading regenerative medicine innovation through the development of new technologies aimed to materialize research projects into functional clinical solutions, and in this way, address debilitating diseases and improve the quality of life for patients all over the world.

“We are delighted with the achievement that this collaboration agreement means to both our companies. It is an absolute honor to be able to coordinate a project with a world-renowned company such as Humabiologics, particularly when we pursue the same objective: open doors to the translation of regenerative medicine innovative research into clinics”, said Manuel Figueruela, Executive Managing Director of REGEMAT 3D. “In that sense, we are certain that the development, production and commercialization of high-quality human-derived printable biomaterials represents a turning point for health-care research and industry, and, hand in hand with Humabiologics, we are proud to contribute to this progress.”

The combination of REGEMAT 3D bioprinting technologies along with Humabiologics biomaterials has been successfully validated by tissue engineering researchers working with 3D printed cell-laden collagen constructs* and skin grafts, finding excellent biocompatibility and printability properties.

*Schmitt T, Kajave N, Cai HH, Gu L, Albanna M, Kishore V. In vitro characterization of xeno-free clinically relevant human collagen and its applicability in cell-laden 3D bioprinting.

Journal of Biomaterials Applications. 2021;35(8):912-923. Humabiologics human-derived biomaterials are available for ordering on REGEMAT 3D’s website.

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