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A letter to AZBio Members – A Guest Post on UA Career Services

The University of Arizona and AZBio are natural complements to each other; two powerhouses in the movement to make Arizona the Silicon Valley of the Bioindustry world. UA Career Services is an extension of the University’s goal to prepare the future leaders of Bioindustry. While theUniversity of Arizona trains the next generation of start-up moguls and professors, UA Career Services is taking the steps to connect these highly talented students with AZBio Members and create a mutually beneficial relationship between our students and your growing companies. As a Biomedical Engineering Student at the U of A and as an Employer Relations Ambassador for Career Services, I can see the vital relationships built between students and employers. It is these foundations that are the key to growing this industry and making Arizona the place to be for Biotech.

At UA Career Services, employers receive the red carpet treatment on their way to connecting with students. Below is a list of the the wide range of services we offer to fit every employer’s needs.

  • On-Campus Recruiting – Brings employers and students face-to-face in an environment where both parties can be comfortable and accomplish a common goal.
  • Fall and Spring Career Fairs – An opportunity for both employers and students to gather in large numbers. For employers, its gives them the chance to advertise their business and attract potential hires. For students, they are able to network and talk with recruiters.
  • Job Posting and Resume Referral – Easy option for both our in and out-of-state companies to get their name and open positions out there for students to apply to online at Wildcat Joblink .
  • Summits and Panels – Offers employers a chance to network with University faculty and professors in an informal way, while at the same time educate students about your individual company or industry.

Outside our direct efforts to get our students connected with industry, UA Career Services is dedicated to preparing students for the professional world. Below is a list of a few of the services students engage in to prepare themselves for internships or full-time employment.

  • Mock Interviews – Gives students a chance to practice interviewing with career professionals or counselors before the real thing. This service has proved invaluable to many of our students.
  • Resume Guides and Workshops – A resume is a student’s first impression and through our workshops and counselor guidance, we are making sure students are able to put their best foot forward.
  • Career Advising – Every major department and college has its own counselor with expertise in their respective fields. Students can draw on this experience to prepare for interviews or learn how to make themselves more attractive to companies.
  • Social Media Resources/Networking– Many students know how to use social media but we teach them to make the internet work for them. The panels and mixers we have year round give students a chance to practice networking in an informal setting.

As AZBio Members, it is your goal to grow Arizona Bioindustry and the most important aspect in making that goal a reality is to keep our talent here in state. UA Career Services is your direct connection to students with a wide array of backgrounds and degrees that are ready and eager to learn more about opportunities within your companies.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website UA Career Services or contact us at or call (520) 621-2372.


Thank you for your time,

Erica Isaacs

Senior Biomedical Engineering Student
Employer Relations Ambassador, UA Career Services
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