Lasering USA Announces Strategic Partnership with Aesthetic Biomedical® Inc.

Two Technologies Combine to deliver unrivaled Facial Skin Rejuvenation

MaryAnn Guerra, Founder & CEO Aesthetics Biomedical

MaryAnn Guerra, Founder & CEO
Aesthetics Biomedical

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 / — Allen Howes, President / CEO of Lasering USA is excited to announce the partnership with Aesthetics Biomedical. No single technology can achieve all the results desired in treating the aging face.

Enter, combination therapies. One multilayered approach that is shockingly good targets both the dermis and epidermis with no social downtime.

This powerful combination of modalities pairs industry OGs: The top-trending RF Microneedling treatment Vivace® Ultra Vision and the innovative MiXto® Pro Venezia Lift, a hybrid non-ablative & ablative CO₂ fractional laser treatment.

Two proven technologies, fractional CO₂ and RF microneedling when combined deliver unequaled facial skin rejuvenation when combined. The Vivace® Ultra Vision’s ultrasound Vision handpiece precisely measures the skin thickness to accurately select the depth of needle penetration.

Vivace Ultra™ + Venezia Lift

Vivace Ultra™ + Venezia Lift

The MiXto® Venezia Lift features a patented system using CW Chopped emission delivering greater heat to the epidermis and dermis over conventional CO₂ laser systems.

This innovative combination improves clinical outcomes, efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Key features and benefits of the Vivace® Ultra Vision /Venezia Lift Treatment

Precision – Vivace® UtraVision using proprietary Ultrasound technology precisely measure skin thickness in all areas of the face. Personalized treatment depth to the desired tissue layer can be predetermined.

Gold Standard – CO₂ lasers have long been considered the gold standard for skin resurfacing. Venezia Lift delivers CO₂ energy to the skin with patented non-ablative technology.

Combination – Both technologies work in unison to turn back the clock on the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and dyschromia. At the same time, they can increase skin tone, brightness and texture.

All Skin Types – The Vivace Ultra Vision + MiXto Pro Venezia Lift combination treatment is safe and desirable for all skin types – 1 to 6.

No Social Down Time – Vivace® Ultra Vision and the MiXto® Pro Venezia Lift are desirable non-invasive technologies with no social downtime.

For those interested, MaryAnn encourages providers and patients to explore Vivace® UltraVision further by visiting their website at Additionally, they can be contacted by email or phone at 1-585-484-0058.

The combination of the MiXto® Venezia Lift CO₂ laser and Vivace®UltraVision represents a significant advancement in cosmetic treatment, offering a convenient, safe and effective option for individuals seeking facial skin rejuvenation without the typical downtime associated with conventional CO₂ laser treatments.

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