Life365 Adds IEEE Start Up of the Year Award to List of Honors

Life365 was honored with the Startup of the Year award from IEEE Phoenix on February 11, 2017.

We believe an extended, flexible platform of tools and processes can be used to effectively engage a greater population of users in the aging in place, senior and chronic care markets. Solutions that work for one patient or population, does not work across the board – “One Solution Doesn’t Fit All.”

Life365’s RAIN Platform uses “lite” technology and “lite” touch engagement to acquire the largest amount of actionable health data from the greatest patient population at the lowest cost possible – in order to enable services, increase adherence, reduce hospitalization, and improve health outcomes.

Life365’s RAIN Platform provides low cost “lite touch” health management solutions to connect patients, providers, and family caregivers.

The RAIN platform integrates health data collected by Wearable Sensors and “Hubs” to Electronic Medical Records and analytics systems. The scalable platform is made up of Hardware (connected wearable sensors & health monitoring devices) Software (data integration, device configuration and analytics), and Services (care management, user engagement & incentives).

Life365 is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.

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