Living to 100 Kicks off at the U of A

Dean Shane Burgess kicked off The University of Arizona’s Living to 100 Lecture Series  Tuesday asking the questions “Can we?” and “What if we do?”  Afterwards,  four Arizona Science Teachers shared tips with the Arizona Daily Star on what  it will take to live to 100 and what we might face when we get there.
Four teachers discuss longevity, its impact on how we’ll change

Lots of issues if more of us live beyond 100

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Rodents that never age.

Human cells that never die.

New careers very late in life.

These were among the topics cited by Shane Burgess, the new dean of the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the first lecture in the “Living Beyond 100” series. The series is presented by the UA College of Science.

Several local science teachers attended Burgess’ talk, titled “Can We? And What If We Do?”

Today and in future weeks, the Arizona Daily Star will  share their impressions.

Read the first article in the series by the Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Monday, January 30, 2012


To find future dates for the Living Beyond 100 Lecture series, visit our Events Page

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