Making LIFE Better: Beacon Biomedical

Arizona Innovation Challenge winner, Beacon Biomedical Inc. is a medical diagnostic device company on a mission…to save as many lives as possible by providing easy, accurate and affordable blood tests for earlier cancer detection.

beacon tests

With point-of-care test solutions literally that will fit in the palm of your hand and are designed to provide healthcare providers with an in-office test they can easily administrate to accurately evaluate their patients’ real-time risk of having undiagnosed cancer….

Beacon Biomedical is focused on the early detection of breast, colorectal and lung cancers for three reasons.  First, these are the three most frequently diagnosed forms of cancer accounting for more than 1/3 of all cancer cases in the US.   Second, there are among the deadliest forms of cancer responsible for nearly 1/2 of all cancer deaths.  Beacon Biomedical focuses on these cancers because in each case, early detection has been proven to save lives, but only when patients get screened.

Beacon Biomedical has two patented technologies for which it has secured exclusive world-wide  rights to for the development and commercialization of its point-of-care cancer screening and detection tests.


The foundational protein for Beacon’s point-of-care tests is called teratocarcinoma derived growth factor-1, aka Cripto-1, and was licensed from the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute for exclusive use by Beacon in developing and commercializing point-of-care tests and test kits for early cancer recognition, detection, screening and monitoring purposes. Cripto-1 is a required protein for tumor formation, progression and invasion, and has been detected in 50-100% of carcinomas of the breast, colon, lung, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach, endometrium and cervix.

The foundational device for Beacon’s  point-of-care cancer screening tests is a Rapid Vertical Flow Technology (RVFT) platform secured from MedMira, Inc., a leader in rapid point-of-care tests for HIV and other infectious diseases for which it has received FDA and CE Mark approvals. MedMira has three ISO & GMP compliant manufacturing facilities in Canada, China and India and serves as Beacon’s collaborative OEM manufacturing contractor. Beacon has world-wide exclusive rights to MedMira’s RVFT platform for its oncology-based point-of-care testing.


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