NIST, DOD, and Other Grant Announcements

The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) SBIR solicitation, originally scheduled for October 2013, was finally released February 19, 2014 with a closing date of May 2, 2014.

NIST has now changed from an SBIR “Contracts” program to a Grants program. That means those of you who have been looking for NIST’s SBIR on FedBizOpps, better change to  Actually the NIST arrangement is listed as a “Cooperative Agreement” There are different rules and procedures for the grants program vs. contracts.  Be sure to read the solicitation closely.

In addition to NIST’s traditional research style topics (-R) of which there are 14 in all, NIST also has Technology Transfer (TT) topics that are part of a system conceived by former NIST SBIR program manager and SBIR champion Clara Asmail.

This year we find NIST departing from pre-selecting certain technologies for this TT effort. Instead they are returning to Ms. Asmail’s original design which is to let you search NIST’s database of technologies that require additional research and innovation to advance them to a commercial product. You can submit your proposal on one of those technologies, receive an SBIR award to do the R&D and bring it to commercialization. If successful you must negotiate a license from NIST, presumably at favorable terms.

Now that NIST is in the “grants” mode, you can submit a proposal electronically through or the old fashion NIST way, via hard copy. The address for the solicitation is The solicitation closes May 2, 1014.

DoD FY-2014A STTR Released

The DoD has issued a prerelease of their FY2014.A STTR solicitation with a total of 64 topics from the Army (18), Navy (25) and Air Force (21). The solicitation opens and proposals will be accepted starting March 5, 2014 with a closing date of April 9, 2014 at 6:00am EST. Complete details are available from the DoD SBIR site at:

DoD FY-2014A STTR Partnering Site Opens

STTR requires small businesses to partner with a “research institution” such as a university, Federally Funded R&D Center (FFRDCs) including National Laboratories, and other non-profit research institutions . Although the small business is still the prime contractor, the research institution must have a minimum of 30% to a maximum of 60% of the research effort, with the small business having not less than 40%. These numbers are based on a “single” research institution, not multiples.

The  SBIR Gateway hosted by SBIR INsider has just opened its STTR Partnering site to help you find a partner for one or more of the DoD’s STTR topics.

The site is for Small businesses, universities, FFRDCs, and other non-profit research institutions, all of whom can easily select topics to let potential partners know of their interest in specific DoD STTR topics. The topics are divided into Army, Navy and Air Force sections.

Go to and click on “Select Topics”. Since the site is just now started, there are not  many entries yet. It’s a good time to get your organization listed.

When you go to the partnering list, you merely click on the “View” link beside each topic to see who has listed themselves as interested. Hopefully you’ll see a research institution or perhaps a small business partner on your topic of choice.

Get Notices of SBIR/STTR Solicitation Openings

You can sign up to have the SBIR Gateway notify you when SBIR/STTR solicitations are released thanks to a site launched by SBIR Insider which includes some background on the solicitation. Just go to and enter your email address. The list is private and not shared.


The information in this post was excerpted from the SBIR Insider and is republished with permission from its publisher, Rick Shindell.

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