Opportunity Alert: Stem Cells in Space

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) announced the release of it latest  Request for Proposals (RFP) for non-embryonic STEM CELL research on the International Space Station National Laboratory.

The RFP seeks to identify projects studying the effects of microgravity on non-embryonic mammalian stem cells for one of two research emphasis areas:

  1. rapid turn-around spaceflight experiments to be performed on the NL
  2. ground-based research that will pave the way for improved spaceflight experiments in the future.

CASIS will support selected projects through grant funding, facilitation of service provider partnerships, coordination of available hardware that may be considered for research and flight transportation coordination to and from the ISS.


Please go to:

http://www.iss-Casis.org/Opportunities/Solicitations.aspx  for details.


About CASIS:

CASIS is a  nonprofit organization focused on utilizing the International Space Station  National Lab for research applications in the microgravity environment.

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