PADT Kicks Off “3D Printing on Every Desktop”

PADT Kicks Off “3D Printing on Every Desktop” in the Southwest with Stratasys uPrint SE Systems TEMPE, AZ

Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT)  has announced the official launch of a new program across Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah: 3D Printing on Every Desktop. With the introduction of the uPrint SE 3D Printer from Stratasys, Inc., desktop rapid prototyping is now more affordable and reliable than ever before. To help their customers learn about these systems and take advantage of this new technology, PADT has added three experienced people to their sales team. They will focus exclusively on the uPrint SE line. PADT is very excited about the characteristics which make the uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus breakthrough systems, enabling practical and professional desktop 3D Printing:

  • Price: This system is offered at a price point that any individual or company doing product development can easily afford. It is not just the purchase price that is affordable, it is also the low cost of the materials, the very small facility preparation cost, and the ease-of-operation make it the most overall affordable system for desktop prototyping.
  • All Inclusive: The price includes the printer, a cleaning station, a full load of material, and Stratasys’ interface software Catalyst. There are no hidden costs.
  • Usable Prototypes: There are other low cost solutions on the market that produce prototypes but they are inaccurate and fragile.

The uPrint SE systems uses proven FDM technology and ABSPlus model material guaranteeing engineering quality prototypes that can be used for fit, form and functional testing.

Rey Chu, PADT Co-Owner and Principal in charge of PADT’s Rapid Prototyping department commented: “Over the years we have been working our way towards desktop 3D printing. During that time the price has come down with each new generation of these machines. With the introduction of the uPrint SE systems, we can now offer our customers a system that is easy to run, easy to maintain, and that makes usable prototypes at a very affordable price. The time has arrived for anyone doing product development to start using 3D printing as part of their standard product development process.” Stratasys, Inc., the manufacturer of these systems is so confident in their ability to perform that they have introduced a special demonstration program. Qualified customers can rent an uPrint SE or an uPrint SE Plus system for up to 90 days at a nominal fee and see first-hand how it improves their product development process.

“The trial program is a great way for our prospective customers to see for themselves, on their own parts how great these systems are” said Mario Vargas, Manager of Hardware Solutions at PADT. “Instead of getting a sample part in the mail, you can order a system and have it drop shipped to you. In an hour or so you can set it up, connect it to your network and start printing real parts.” If at the end of the rental period the customer would like to own the system, they simply place an order and keep the system they already have. If for some reason it was not what you were looking for, you can box it up and send it back to the manufacturer Stratasys.

For more information about the uPrint SE line, the demonstration program, or 3D Printing in general, contact PADT at 1.800.293.PADT or visit PADT is focused on providing world class mechanical engineering simulation, product development, and rapid prototyping services as well as sales and support of leading engineering software and hardware tools.

The company makes innovation work for over one thousand customers around the world from its offices at the ASU Research Park in Tempe, Arizona, their Littleton, Colorado office, and through staff members located around the country. More information on PADT can be found at

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