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The 2012 Silicon Desert Map & Calendar (due out this November).

Be included in the exclusive synergistic map/calendar titled SILICON DESERT, a powerful industry symbol that effectively brings together – the Arizona’sindustry leaders on one promotional poster displayed all year and distributed worldwide.”  Our unique media simultaneouslybrings you an audience of Arizona’s best and most-trusted brands.

View the large sample at www.siliconmaps.com/Desert_2012.html

See more information on the project at www.siliconmaps.com/silicon_desert.html

clip_image002Brand Recognition

SILICON DESERT Map is an industry icon recognized worldwide.

Poster/Calendars stay displayed all year and viewed many times.

Distributed locally, nationally, and worldwide to corp. offices and overseas affiliates.

  • Map impressions = (10,000 posters) x 3 views per day x 1 year = over 10 Million impressions!
  • Promotional mix of the map, calendar, and custom imprint lend promotion effectiveness; collectively, ensuring your company’s brand is –displayed and regularly viewed– by your relevant audience.  –Inculcating your message for one full year!

Promotion Effectiveness

  • Promotes your company as an industry leader; choice employer; and world-class innovator.
  • Touts your commitment to the region and  worldwide.
  • 10,000+ copies distributed worldwide.
  • 95%+ display rate!
  • Exacting graphic designs. –Suitable of framing!
  • Rich foil custom imprint – your “mini billboard”, features your message. –Clearly readable from 25ft.
  • Practical 12 Month Calendar: Keeps your target audience looking at your custom imprint, all year.
  • Foil embossed header. –Creates quality impression and appearance.
  • Hosted online with interactive logos offering direct links to your website.  80,000 -100,000+ hits, per months.
  • Airport Signage –  We offer sponsorship of the SILICON DESERT Map on a large backlit signs at PHX.
  • Print, Internet and Airport advertising, for a fair investment!

“Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people, regardless of language or culture.” –Merriam 1996.

Options and Special Rates for AZBio Members :

  1. $995.00 – Ad Space (i.e., Logo URL and Facility Photo).  Insertion: 10,000+ copies.
  2. $1,545.00 – Ad Space, includes 100 custom imprinted 20” x 30” poster/calendars (Imprint set-up is needed fee for new accounts or changes).
  3. $8,900.00 – 1 Year Corporate Airport Sponsor (1ft x 1ft Ad Space) at Phoenix Sky Harbor international Airport

For more information contact:

Mike Desrosiers

Silicon Maps, Inc.
925.314.1130  ext.11
mike@siliconmaps.com  |  www.siliconmaps.com

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