Regenesis Biomedical Introduces the New Provant Infinity

Scottsdale, Arizona based, Regenesis Biomedical, Inc. has launch the new Provant® Infinity system that is available purchase for home use when prescribed by a health professional.  Outcomes with Provant Therapy are documented in journal articles, white papers, and case reports. Provant relieves pain in several post-operative conditions, including orthopaedic surgery, joint replacement, amputation, rotator cuff repair, back surgery, hernia repair, debridement, hand and foot surgeries, and neuropathy.



The Provant Therapy System treats pain using electromagnetic energy.

Provant is a medical device that decreases the pain and swelling associated with operative procedures, helping tissue move through, and out of, inflammation. Provant also reduces pain by inducing endogenous opioids.

Provant does this by exposing the tissue to electromagnetic energy, using an optimized energy pulse. The therapeutic field is typically sensation-free.

Provant is indicated for adjunctive use in the palliative treatment of post-operative pain and edema of soft tissue. Provant treatments are twice a day, 30 minutes morning and 30 minutes evening.

The Provant Therapy System is available by prescription only.

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