UA Leading the Way in Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is one of the fastest growing fields of medicine, turning the “one-size fits all” approach of healthcare on its head. Precision medicine is a specialized area of medicine that integrates genetic and genomic knowledge with data on environmental and lifestyle influences to individualize and refine care of patients and populations.

The All of Us Research Program seeks to extend precision medicine to all diseases by building a national research cohort of one million or more U.S. participants. Many factors have converged to make now the right time to begin a program of this scale and scope. To learn how you can be “One in a Million” with All of Us, please visit

This fine tuning in the delivery of care is now known as precision medicine. Diagnostics is one area of medicine where precision approaches can make a remarkable difference in patient’s lives. For patients with undiagnosed conditions, or those who spend several years and thousands of dollars chasing a diagnosis, precision medicine can be the solution. Genetic testing, for instance, can often help inform these diagnostic odyssey cases, bringing much needed information to patients and their families.

From solving diagnostic odysseys to identifying the most effective treatments for cancer, precision medicine is making an impact in many areas of healthcare. The University of Arizona is at the forefront of this rapidly expanding field. Key stakeholders throughout the UA campuses in Tucson and Phoenix are leading the way in precision medicine.



  • University of Arizona and Banner Health are spearheading efforts to advance a new era of medicine in which researchers, health-care providers and patients work closely together to develop individualized care. The All of Us Research Program is a key element of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). Through advances in research, technology, and policies that empower patients, the PMI is paving the way for this revolution in health care delivery. The UA/Banner Health All of Us program is currently enrolling participants in the beta phase of the program. To learn how you can be “One in a Million” with All of Us, please visit


  • The BIO5 Institute at the UA mobilizes top researchers in agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and science to find creative solutions to humanity’s most pressing health and environmental challenges. With Precision Medicine as a key initiative, BIO5 researchers are leveraging UA’s strengths in genomics, biochemistry, pharmacy, and translational medicine to advance precision medicine.


  • The office of Research, Discovery, & Innovation (RDI) at the UA supports world-class research and discovery by UA faculty, staff, and students. RDI works with researchers across campus, including supporting UA researchers working to advance the field of precision medicine.


UA, along with Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, have come together to bring advances in precision medicine to patients and the community. Together, TCAG2M, BUMC-P, the UA/Banner Health All of Us program, BIO5, and RDI are co-sponsoring the 3rd Annual Precision Medicine Symposium on May 9th, 2018 in the UA Cancer Center Kiewit Auditorium from 8:15am – 4:15pm.

The 2018 Precision Medicine Symposium brings together national and local speakers to discuss the evolving landscape of precision medicine. This year’s featured national speakers are Dr. Jerome Rotter from UCLA, discussing cardiovascular genomics, and Curtis Coughlin from UC Denver, speaking on ethical challenges in clinical precision medicine. Registration is required to attend this free event, but space is limited. Make sure to reserve your spot by visiting

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