VWR-BIO Laboratory Products & Services Business Solutions Program Expands Product Brand Access

In addition to the product brands currently offered, VWR, BIO, and Thermo Scientific are excited to announce expanded access to over 15 additional product brands through the VWR/BIO Business Solutions Program.

VWR BBS header


VWR is dedicated to enabling the advancement of science by expanding access to these product brands that will support your efforts in Anatomical Pathology, Chromatography, Life Science, Environmental Analysis, Equipment, and Storage Consumables.

Traditionally these product brands have only been available on a direct basis or through non-contract distribution channels. Participants of the VWR/BIO Business Solutions Program now have access to these brands through VWR at discounted prices. Some of the Thermo Scientific brands include:


  • Anatomical Pathology – Thermo Scientific Lab Vision™ Immunohistochemistry Reagents
  • Chromatography – Thermo Scientific Hypersil™ Keystone columns and supplies, SUN-SRi consumables
  • Life Science – Thermo Scientific Cellomics Instruments
  • Chemicals – Thermo Scientific ACROS and Maybridge
  • Environmental Analysis – Thermo Scientific EUTECH, Oakton, Lab Systems, and CRS Robotics Automation Solutions
  • Equipment – Thermo Scientific Forma™, Haake™, and Neslab

VWR is excited to offer these new product brands in addition to our current offering for BIO and state affiliate members. Together, VWR and BIO provide the industry substantial cost savings and service solutions to accelerate science from discovery to production. Extend your member’s purchasing power today with the expanded brand access.

Please contact your local VWR Representative with any questions. They look forward to providing you with the service you have come to expect from VWR!

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