What Drives the Creation and Delivery of Cures and What Doesn’t

AZBio President & CEO, Joan Koerber-Walker,  shared insights with Duane Schulthess, Managing Director of Vital Transformation on the the Vital Health Podcast.  The popular podcast series has a global reach and features relaxed, one on one discussion with health care professionals, researchers, and regulators. Topics explore the implications of new medical procedures, technologies and policies as well as  their impact on current clinical practices.

Will Drug Pricing Kill a Rising Phoenix? (Vital Health Podcast)

Joan Koerber-Walker is President and CEO of the Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio), supporting one of the top emerging biotech clusters in the United States. Trained as an economist and a biotech investor herself, Joan is no stranger to pricing discussions. As the Build Back Better debate reached a fever pitch, all eyes turned to Arizona given the bill’s focus on drug pricing and Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s known support of the Arizona Biotech Sector.  While Build Back Better is no more, the drug pricing debate is not going away anytime soon.

 In this podcast we discuss how the drug pricing debate threatens to derail innovation, as does aggressive tax policy positions being taken by many leaders in traditionally pro-biotech states like California and Massachusetts. The biotech sector in Arizona has been a direct beneficiary of many of these decisions.

 As well, we discuss how institutions like the Mayo Clinic, which have a large footprint in Arizona, are making big investments developing a commercial R&D hub called the Discovery Oasis. Joan highlights how the Mayo Clinic fertilizes innovation across Arizona’s Health Innovation Ecosystem, and how that lays the groundwork for product development locally.

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