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A Bulletin from the U.S. Small Business Administration:   01/27/2013

3 Things Small Businesses Should Know About the Affordable Care Act

Health Care

 Are you wondering how the health care reform law (the Affordable Care Act) will impact your business? We’re launching a new series to explain the basics of the law, what you need to do to comply, and how your business can benefit from new incentives. To get started, we are highlighting three big things every small business owner should know about the Affordable Care Act.

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Changes to Contracting Program Will Help Women-Owned Businesses Compete for Federal Contracts

Are you a woman-owned business looking to get a slice of the more than  $400 billion dollar federal contracting pie? Under the new National  Defense Authorization Act of 2013, the SBA will make changes to its Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program to help women-owned small businesses get more federal contracts.

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6 Tips for a Fiscally Fit and Successful Freelance Business in 2013

Thinking of becoming a freelancer or hoping to make this year’s  freelancing more fiscally fruitful than last? Freelancing is a money  game and cash flow is king, so check out these money-saving and business growth strategies to ensure the fiscal fitness of your freelancing business this year.

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Meal and Rest Breaks – What Small Business Employers Need to Know

Should you pay employees for rest and meal breaks? Are you even required to offer such breaks? We all need rest and meals during work hours and the law stipulates  standards for these breaks, including whether your employees should be  paid for them. Here’s what you need to know.

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Business Loans – What Lenders Look for and Tips for Winning Them Over

Securing small business financing can be challenging. Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow, banks and lending institutions  can be rigorous in their lending review practices. Here’s some insight about what are lenders looking for in a potential loan applicant.

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