Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies Launches Skin Care Line

Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies, a new company based in Phoenix, AZ, has unveiled a brand of professional botanical-based products – BioXskincare — including a scar cream, stretch mark cream and antiaging product that accelerate healing and collagen growth.

Ben Smith, CEO of BioXskincare, says “We are combining best of breed botanical-based products with niche tailored brands for various markets delivering products which perform with high efficacy and no harmful ingredients.”

The company states that efficacy is evident, and this clearly differentiates the BioXcellerator products from competitors. “Our scar cream will reduce the appearance of scars starting within the first week and usually only requires the application for 3-4 weeks. For our stretch mark cream, in 10-25 days users realize visibly reduced appearance of stretch marks,” Smith explains. “The competitors often can take 6 months to a year to see visible results.”

The company states that, for the anti-aging cream, the clientele who have tested the product report they prefer the application, effects and visible differences they see and with a cost-savings over luxury brand competitors.

bioXskincare products  include:

  • Stretch Mark Cream with BioXcellerant™ 
  • Scar Cream with BioXcellerant™ 
  • Anti-Aging Face Cream with BioXcellerant™

Image courtesy of Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies

All BioXcellerator products are manufactured and distributed from the US with the research and development lab in Las Vegas, Nevada; the manufacturing facility based in San Diego, California; and Xcellerate Biomedical Technologies’ corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information, visit: www.Bioxskincare.com

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