2012 Arizona Bioscience Road Map Report

2012  marks year 10 in our progress along Arizona’s Bioscience Road Map.  Leaders from across the state are moving us forward faster in the development of new research institutions, innovative companies, and high paying jobs.

Led by the Flinn Foundation and tracked by Battelle, the Bioscience Road Map is the longest running coordinated effort in the United States where bioscience industry growth milestones have been set and consistently tracked to measure achievements on a state-wide basis.


Key Milestones:

 Jobs: Up 41% from 2002-2010 to 96,223 compared to an 11%  U.S. gain.

 Firms: Up 27% from 2002 – 2010 to 867, compaired to a 20% U.S. gain.

Wages:  Up 27% from 2002-2010.  Average annual salary of $55,353 is 29% higher than the average AZ private sector salary.

NIH Funding:  Up 25% from 2002-2011 to $184M.  This is the best growth rate among the Top 10 States.

Venture Capital:  $69M in 2011, the second-highest total since 2002.

Economic Impact:  The AZ bioscience sector generates a total of $28.8B  in annual revenue and $1.1B in state/local taxes.

Source:  Battelle (1/2012)  learn more at the Flinn Foundation website.

The Full Report

Each year, the Flinn Foundation hosts update luncheons across the state to share the progress we are making in growing our bioscience industry.  Walter Plosila, Ph.D. shared an in-depth look at our distance traveled from 2002 to 2011.


Source: Battelle (1/2012)


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