AZBio Watch List: Results Following Sine Die


The Legislature passed a $9.6 Billion State Budget on Tuesday.

Work then progressed to address remaining bills throughout the week.

The Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Saturday morning at 5:45 AM.

Wins this session include re-establishing  funding for the JTEDs, some additional funds for K-12 and our universities,  the reopening of KidsCare enrollment for 30,000 Arizona children, passage of the State Compacts for Healthcare Professionals, and passage of Arizona’s Biosimilars Bill.

Unfortunately, neither the House or the Senate Packages contained funds to replenish the Angel Investor Tax Credit funds.

To learn more about this critical program for Arizona’s Innovation Economy, please click here.

AZBio Watch List as of May 8th

Bills Signed by Gov. Ducey 

  • HB2144;   genetic testing; informed consent
  • HB2386;  patent troll prevention act (as amended)
  • SB1474;    human fetus; embryo; prohibited actions
  • SB1525;    JTED restoration and reforms
  • SB1457;    children’s health insurance program (Kid’s Care)

Bills sent to the Secretary of State

  • SCR1005;  rights of caregivers; recognition

Bills Transmitted to Gov. Ducey 

Note:  The Governor has 10 days after transmittal to sign or veto these bills.  After 10 days without either action, they become law. (Transmittal date)

  • HB2271;   universities; commercial paper (May 5)
  • HB2307;  anatomical gifts; procurement organizations; licensure (May 7)
  • HB2310;  biological products; prescription orders (May 7)
  • HB2362;  nurse licensure compact (May 7)
  • HB2502;  medical licensure compact (May 5)
  • HB2503;  psychologists; licensure compact (May 7)
  • HB2504;  physical therapy licensure compact (May 7)
  • HB2666;   governor’s economic opportunity office; consolidation (May 5)
  • HCR2031; personal property tax; exemption (May 5)
  • SB1112;      pharmacists; scope of practice (May 6th)

Bills yet not Transmitted as of May 8th

  • HB2640;   appropriation; pediatric neurological autoimmune disorders (Transmitted to the House on 5/7)
  • SB1363;     insurance coverage; telemedicine (Passed 5/7)
 Bills Not Progressing
  • HB2266       durable medical equipment suppliers; requirements (Not Heard in Committee)
  • HB2275        genetically engineered foods; labeling (Not Heard in Committee)
  • HB2321        pilot program; STEM internship
  • HB2523        contact lenses; prescriptions.
  • HB2601        R&D tax credits; conversion;
  •  HCR2039     multiple sclerosis awareness week (used as a “strike everything” vehicle)
  • SB1006        institutional investor; definition
  • SB1113          student loans; teachers; appropriation (pending RULES)
  • SB1139         tax credit cap; angel investor
The next meeting of the AZBio Government Affairs Committee will be THURSDAY May 12th at 3 PM AZ/PAC.
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