Brain State raises $200K on Kickstarter

Brain State Technologies®, a leading neurotechnology company, today announced that it recently raised nearly $200,000 via Kickstarter. The proceeds will be used to fund production of the company’s new B2v2® brainwave balancing headband. Over 623 backers pre-ordered the B2v2, exceeding the original Kickstarter goal by nearly 1,000%.



The B2v2 is the world’s first brain-mirroring wellness product for home use. Utilizing Brain State’s proprietary software, the B2v2 recognizes out-of-balance brainwaves and converts them into music-like tones. Listening to the tones in real time stimulates the brain’s innate self-balancing ability. This reportedly may result in stress relief, improved sleep, increased energy, better mental and physical performance, and enhanced overall emotional well-being.

More than 122,000 people have been helped through Brainwave Optimization® since its introduction in 2004. The new B2v2 product is designed to provide ongoing support to Brainwave Optimization clients as well as independent users who suffer from restless sleep issues and/or high stress levels.

According to Lee Gerdes, Brain State Founder and CEO, “Stress affects emotions, behavior, thinking ability and physical health. Our B2v2 product helps the brain reset itself; thereby reducing the negative effects of stress. It supports the brain’s movement back to a naturally balanced performance pattern by reflecting each individual’s unique brainwaves. It’s unlike any other technology ever developed.”

Gerdes added, “No two brains are alike. After using the B2v2 over time, a user’s brain actually becomes more resilient to maintaining improvements, even when not using the device, which simply helps the body’s most important organ to self-correct and balance itself. The B2v2 is non-invasive, easy to use, and not worn during nighttime sleep. Best of all, its benefits are easily maintained through occasional use of only a few minutes at a time while relaxing.”

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New orders for the B2v2 will be begin shipping mid-November 2017 once Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled. Learn more at

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