Can you stretch a dollar?

Learn how AZBio Purchasing Programs to help your dollars take you farther.

Stretch Your Dollar

We all need to make our dollars stretch farther

Through a combination of contracts negotiated by AZBio in our Member2Member Program and through our partnership with BIO and the BIO Business Solutions Program, we are able to offer our members substantial discounts with many state and national suppliers so you can do just that.

Programs include cost saving opportunities for ALL AZBio Members including office supplies, laboratory supplies and chemicals, equipment, technology, insurance and more.

AZBio members who use AZBio Purchasing Power often save more than their AZBio Membership dues and in some cases saved tens of thousands of dollars in 2014!

Learn about Our New Program With Clean Harbors

Clean Harbors

 AZBio thru its relationship with BIO has partnered with Clean Harbors, one of the largest Environmental Services companies in North America.  Clean Harbors manages waste recycling and disposal for almost all waste streams, planned environmental and industrial services as well as Emergency Response Service with offices throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Many companies today use third parties who own no disposal assets and offer no assistance related to compliance requirements, however with Clean Harbors, members eliminate significant liability and compliance potential issues dealing with end disposal facility direct, as well as economic gain.

•  Special pricing and discounts for members includes 35-40% off list on disposal; 15-20% off list on transportation and materials and 35% off list price on labor charges.

•  Reduced security recovery fee for members.

•  Free site visit to ensure storage area and recordkeeping are in compliance, as well as waste stream review.

•  Full online services capability to track waste, manage profiles, view all reporting, download biannual report data and streamline data gathering process as well as full transparency to pricing.

•  Recommendations for staff training to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

•  Robust recycling capability that will be applicable for waste and unused products.

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