Decades of Progress with More to Come

Over four decades ago, President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act and the “War on Cancer” was engaged.  Now as we look at the progress that has been made and the progress yet to come, executives from PhRMA share the recent results of a study released on over 5000 new drugs in the biopharma pipeline that are taking us forward in the war against cancer and other diseases.Continue reading

University of Arizona and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center/Dignity Health sign affiliation agreement for University of Arizona Cancer Center-Phoenix

The University of Arizona has formally affiliated with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center/ Dignity Health to develop a cancer care program in Phoenix to include a new outpatient clinic at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus and inpatient care at St. Joseph’s Hospital in central Phoenix.Continue reading

SynCardia Is Front Page News

The Sunday, January, 27th edition of the Arizona Daily Star had two significant articles, one above the fold on page one of the paper, about the SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart and one of SynCardia’s patients at UAMC, Justin Ryder.Continue reading