CoorsTek Medical well positioned to move medical devices from concept to reality

COORSTEK LAUNCHES COORSTEK MEDICAL TO ENABLE MEDICAL INNOVATORS TO TURN GREAT IDEAS INTO LIFE-ENHANCING REALITIES.  Its integrated capabilities span the entire product realization cycle, including market research, design and engineering, prototyping and feasibility, testing and regulation, and scale manufacturing.


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Coors brews up medical device manufacturer in Chandler

By , Senior Reporter-Phoenix Business Journal
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The same family enterprise that built Coors Brewing in Golden, Colorado, is now brewing up a research and development facility in Chandler.

CoorsTekMedical is putting the finishing touches on the integration of IMDS and C5 Medical Werks, an acquisition that began late last year.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based CoorsTek Medical has taken over a 9,000-square-foot facility in Chandler that IMDS opened in 2006.

Jonathan Coors, CEO of CoorsTek Medical, will be in town later this month to check on the Chandler operations.

He said the company helps inventors design, develop and manufacture their medical device concepts and bring the products to full-scale manufacturing. Citing non-disclosure agreements, Coors said he can’t give any specifics about the company’s clients and devices.

“I can say we most recently have launched a revolutionary spinal implant device that will revolutionize the market,” he said.

The company has about a dozen employees at its Chandler facility, including four engineers and five machinists.

“The head count is deceptive,” he said. “I like to think of them as an elite strike squad. They’re really focused. Their job really is to take people’s ideas from the back of a napkin and bring them into reality, into production.”

CoorsTek Medical is part of CoorsTek, a company founded in 1910 by Coors’ great-great grandfather Adolph Coors and his business partner John Harold. It now has 4,000 employees at 50 facilities around the world.

“Chandler is primarily a prototype design and development facility for CoorsTek Medical,” Coors said.

Joan Koerber-Walker, president and CEO of Arizona BioIndustry Association, said she welcomes CoorsTek Medical to the Valley.

“As our East Valley medical technologies sector continues to grow, new innovations will require assistance across the spectrum, from discovery to development to delivery,” she said. “CoorsTek Medical has a proven five-step process to help new innovators and inventors from concept to product. Having successfully done this in multiple markets, they’re a great addition to Arizona’s medical technology community.”


 Learn More in the CoorsTek Medical Media Release Below:


FORT WORTH, TEXAS  October 2, 2014    CoorsTek Medical, the CoorsTek-affiliated company dedicated to making lives measurably better launched today, concluding the successful integration of IMDS and C5 Medical Werks which began in late 2013.  CoorsTek has long been a premier provider of high-performance engineered ceramic components and products to the medical technology industry and many others.  CoorsTek Medical builds upon this strong legacy by bringing over 50 years of experience in product development and manufacturing of implantable medical devices, creating a company with unparalleled capabilities to turn great ideas into life-enhancing realities.  The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and has R&D or manufacturing facilities in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Oregon.


CoorsTek Medical is the partner of choice for medical innovators and medical-device providers worldwide whose success requires access to leading-edge medical device development experts and the related set of specialized product development and manufacturing capabilities.  Its proven, five-stage CO-INNOVATION™ process has resulted in the successful launch of over 150 medical devices, by incorporating services that go well beyond traditional product development including: expert engineering and marketplace counsel, intellectual property and regulatory assessments, and rapid prototyping capabilities.  CoorsTek Medical also provides world-class pre-clinical testing that reduces the lead time to clinical trials and simplifies the regulatory approval process.  The company’s decades of experience spans a range of medical categories including:  joint reconstruction, extremities, trauma, spine, sports medicine, minimally invasive surgery, general surgery, cardiovascular, pulmonary, dental, dermatology, and other highly specialized surgical fields.


“The implantable medical device sector is a natural extension of CoorsTek’s business, as it depends on engineered ceramics and other advanced materials, and can leverage our company’s great strengths in materials engineering and very high-quality manufacturing,” said John Coors, Chairman, President, and CEO of CoorsTek.  “CoorsTek’s corporate vision is a measurably better world.  Playing a larger role in making lives measurably better is a critical aspect of making that vision a reality, and our affiliate, CoorsTek Medical, has a lead role in making that happen.”


Materials engineering is a core competency of both CoorsTek and CoorsTek Medical, developing high-quality components and products using ceramics, metals, plastics, and specialty composites, with the ability to incorporate multiple materials into a single product.  Scale, precision manufacturing is also a shared core competency.  CoorsTek Medical’s manufacturing facilities are based in the United States and are tightly integrated into its overall development process. They incorporate state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing technologies, are ISO 13485-certified, and meet the stringent quality standards of several of the world’s best-known medical device providers.  CoorsTek Medical is among the largest-scale manufacturers in the industry, producing over 1,000,000 medical components spanning over 15 product sectors in a typical year.


“CoorsTek Medical is the only medical device company that provides medical innovators access to the full set of capabilities that span the product realization cycle,” said Jonathan Coors, CEO of CoorsTek Medical.  “Our product development and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our deep medical knowledge, unmatched materials engineering expertise and core competency in partnering with our customers further differentiate CoorsTek Medical from all others, and provides the environment for tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs to happen.”


About CoorsTek Medical

CoorsTek Medical offers the specialized knowledge, experience, world-class infrastructure and proven processes required to get medical device innovations to market quickly and successfully.  By working together with our partners in the medical device community, we are making lives measurably better each and every day.  For more information, please visit


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