HealthTell Opens in Innovations Incubator

Chandler, AZ—HealthTell Inc., a new biotechnology start-up company, is expanding its operations to the Innovations Incubator in Chandler.  HealthTell has developed a system for providing “immunosignatures” for early screening and diagnosis of multiple diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

“Immunosignatures provide a powerful new tool for clinicians”, says Dr. Bill Colston, CEO.  “Instead of looking for small amounts of cancer cells in the blood, we are measuring the body’s response to the cancer (its “immunosignature”).  This allows for much earlier, sensitive detection than current techniques, and is useful against a wide battery of diseases.”

Each disease generates a unique signature that consists of thousands of independent measurements, all from a single drop of blood.  Signatures for more than thirty different diseases have already been generated.  The test is relatively simple compared to existing molecular diagnostics, at significantly lower cost.

“We hope that giving companies like HealthTell access to state-of-the art facilities will lead us to medical discoveries in the future that we can only dream of now,” said Mayor Jay Tibshraeny.  “This company is a perfect example of the reason Innovations is so important to Chandler, as we foster a community that supports science and technology and the jobs those industries create.”

This disruptive new technology was the culmination of decades worth of research by Dr. Stephen Albert Johnston and Dr. Neal Woodbury, scientific founders of HealthTell and professors in the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.


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The Innovations Incubator was developed by the City of Chandler in order to bring additional high-wage technology jobs to the community by providing start-up companies space to work and grow.  The Incubator gives Chandler the opportunity to grow its own businesses in the cutting edge fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics, software design, nanotechnology, medical devices, renewable energy and others.

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