Post An Internship And Put a Smile on the Faces of Our Future

Arizona’s life science students are our future workforce and each represents the face of our future. Your company can help shape the future by providing internship opportunities for Arizona students in high school, community college, and university programs.

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Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and preparing Arizona’s students for 21st Century Careers, many of which will be in fields related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), ensures that Arizona industries can draw from a well prepared talent pool and our Arizona students will have a brighter future.

Quality education in our classrooms is essential.  When we combine classroom based learning with real world experience students are better prepared to take their place in the workforce after graduation.  Internships inside our companies provides this experience. In addition, when we provide these experiences to educators , teachers have the opportunity to work in their field of study during the vacation session and then can then apply real world experiences to the educational process for the benefit of their students.

This is why Senator Kimberly sponsored Senate Bill 1285 which upon final legislative approval and subsequent signature by Governor Ducey would provide for STEM internship stipends for students and teachers if there are funds remaining in the Arizona Job Training Fund on July 1, 2016 and why AZBio has worked with the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation to launch D3Bio and a statewide internship database for students in the life sciences.

As summer approaches, now is YOUR opportunity to help in the process.  Posting an internship in the statewide internship database is easy.  Simply click here to complete a short form that details your internship.  The team at D3Bio will then post the opportunity online so it is accessible to teachers and their students.

Providing internships today, provides our students with the experience and skills they need to succeed in the future and helps build the workforce our industry will need as we continues to grow.




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