Mission3 Announces Release of Clireo on Microsoft Azure Platform under BAA

Mission3, the premier Regulatory Information Management software provider for the Life Sciences industry, today announced the general availability of the Clireo 4.0, Mission3’s cloud-based electronic document, project, and submission management solution with new features and delivery on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, Mission3 has entered into an enterprise agreement with Microsoft in order to provide an HIPAA qualified platform through a Business Associates Agreement (BAA).


“Clireo represents the broadest and deepest feature set in Life Sciences for regulatory document and submission management. Couple this with being truly cloud based now being delivered on the most advanced and trusted cloud infrastructure for business; Clireo becomes a clear choice for small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies alike.” said Dirk K Beth, President and CEO of Mission3.


“Mission3’s early vision of a cloud-based regulatory suite has enabled them to provide a leading feature-rich application to the industry,” said Andrea McGonigle, Managing Director for Microsoft Life Sciences.  “Partnering with Microsoft Azure gives Mission3 customers a robust, redundant, and qualified platform to support their data and application needs.”


Mission3 customers will begin transitioning to the Azure-based Clireo immediately and all new customers will launch directly on the Clireo Azure Platform.


Clireo integrates compliant electronic document management with project management to enable regulatory and clinical document management including support of the DIA eDM (electronic Document Management) and eTMF (electronic Trial Master File) reference models. Further the Clireo eDMS + Projects module supports Management of Promotional Materials. The Clireo Submissions module enables global electronic regulatory submission for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device products. This in turn makes Clireo the only end-to-end solution for global regulatory and clinical document management.


Clireo customers on Windows Azure benefit through:


  1. Wide Distribution – Instead of having just one big machine where all your data sits, your data is distributed over a large number of smaller machines. That’s really the essence of cloud computing.
  2. Scalability – In terms of performance, Windows Azure ensures your servers perform the same no matter how much data they are storing.
  3. Replication – All data is replicated – and not just once but 6 times. That equals greater performance, more scalability, and overall better service.
  4. Consistency – Clireo for Windows Azure is simple. When we update the projects you are working on, all future API calls will see those changes. Windows Azure updates immediately.
  5. Geodistribution – Not one data center but many. Eliminating any points of failure is what the cloud enables – seamlessly.
  6. Loads Of Storage – With Clireo on Azure you can rest assured that the solution can store more than you can ever imagine and you will never pay for additional storage to host your data.



About Mission3, Inc.

Mission3, Innovators in Regulatory Information Management, is a software company for the Life Sciences industry. Mission3’s solution includes electronic document management solutions for managing regulatory, clinical and corporate documents; Virtual Data Rooms to securely manage the due-diligence process for M&A and partnerships; full regulatory submission management that includes support for eCTD, 510(k), PMA, as well as paper and electronic publishing to compliment submission and dossier management.  Topping off this extensive list of solutions to the Life Science industry is Mission3 GlobalTrack, a business intelligence platform that provides companies increased visibility into their global regulatory initiatives.  All Mission3 solutions are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.





Chris Joslin

Vice President of Operations

Mission3, Inc.










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