RCT Acquires Translational Drug Development, LLC

Tucson, Ariz. & Scottsdale, Ariz. / June 4, 2020
Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. (RCT) announced today that it has acquired and invested growth capital into Translational Drug Development (TD2), the leading fully integrated precision oncology medicine development organization.
TD2 provides end-to-end solutions, including translational preclinical services; regulatory strategic guidance, planning and document submission services; and clinical trial design and execution for innovative oncology-focused companies.

TD2, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, focuses exclusively on oncology medicine development with unparalleled experience conducting translational studies from bench-to-bedside against all tumor types and hematology indications. RCT, based in Tucson, Arizona, with assets of more than $500 million, focuses on investing in promising biomedical companies using expertise acquired through the successful commercialization of therapeutics, medical devices and life science tools for more than 30 years. These capabilities will significantly expand TD2’s precision oncology drug development services.

“The acquisition of TD2 represents an opportunity for a unique partnership with an outstanding management team and, by providing additional growth capital, we plan to add scale and enable the expansion of TD2’s current offerings,” said Shaun Kirkpatrick, RCT President. “TD2 will continue its successful business model of providing focused and comprehensive oncology drug development solutions to rapidly advance products to patients most likely to benefit from these treatments.”

“For more than 17 years, TD2 has been supporting oncology innovators by designing clinical programs that predict unique contexts of sensitivity for new medicines which then provide accelerated patient benefits in clinical testing. Using our combined infrastructure and expertise, we intend to strategically expand the suite of capabilities to match the future needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking comprehensive solutions from early-stage, proof-of-concept programs to registration,” said Kirkpatrick.

“We believe that RCT is the ideal partner for TD2 to expand its mission of accelerating exciting new medicines to patients that urgently need them,” said Stephen Gately, PhD, CEO of TD2. “We share a common vision about the future of oncology drug development and have a passion to deploy solutions that increase the likelihood that patients on TD2 supported trials have the opportunity for clinical benefit.”

“We have known RCT and their outstanding team for many years and have had the opportunity to work closely with them on numerous successful programs,” said Daniel Von Hoff, MD, FACP, Chief Development Officer for TD2. “We could not be more pleased about having TD2 join the RCT family.”

The acquisition of TD2 by RCT will be a catalyst to expand and accelerate TD2’s platform of integrated oncology solutions and to position TD2 as the leader in strategic oncology medicine development to assist life sciences companies in this fast-paced time of therapeutic innovation in oncology.

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About Translational Drug Development (TD2)
TD2 is an oncology development organization that provides innovative services for oncology-focused companies. Using a dedicated team of professionals with broad experience and understanding in drug development, TD2 is uniquely positioned to support improved and accelerated development of medicines for life-threatening oncology diseases. TD2 applies rigorous and high-throughput translational preclinical development, combined with regulatory affairs expertise, to customize clinical trial design and execution. TD2’s suite of capabilities encourages the timely selection of patient populations who are most likely to benefit from a new agent, and the rapid identification of clinically significant endpoints. TD2 is committed to reducing the risks and uncertainty inherent in the drug development process and to the acceleration of patient access to promising treatments. For more information, visit www.TD2inc.com.

About Research Corporation Technologies (RCT)
RCT, founded in 1987, is a Tucson, AZ based technology investment and management company that provides early and growth-stage funding and development for promising biomedical companies and technologies. RCT focuses on investing in companies and technologies that originate from in universities and research institutions using venture investment, partnerships and special licensing programs. For more information, visit http://www.rctech.com.

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