SenesTech Announces Patent Issued on Animal Fertility Control

SenesTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) announced the issuance of its patent on “REDUCING THE REPRODUCTIVE CAPACITY OF MAMMALS.”  This intellectual property is a key aspect of ContraPest®, SenesTech’s flagship product that targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats . The patent application was filed August 23, 2013, and has been issued on May 3, 2018 with patent number US 9,956,235.

The patent describes a composition which can be used to reduce the reproductive capacity of mammals. In particular, the compositions induce ovarian follicle depletion when administered to female mammals as well as having an impact on male mammals. The patent also describes methods of reducing the population of mammals with the use of the compositions.

“This patent is the key of our intellectual property portfolio. It protects use of the combination of two active ingredients in causing both ovary and testis to fail. To simplify the science, rats that consume our bait, ContraPest, do not reproduce, ultimately reducing the population,” said Dr. Cheryl A. Dyer, co-Founder, President and Chief Research Officer of SenesTech.

“This patent issue underlies the foundation of our fertility control technology that can be directly targeted not only to rats, but also developed for other pest mammals in our pipeline,” said Dr. Loretta P. Mayer, Chair, CEO and co-founder of SenesTech. “The anchor of our ContraPest intellectual property portfolio is comprised of the combination of two composition patents, two delivery device patents, exclusive use of the two active ingredients for the purpose of rodent control, and trade secrets wrapping our manufacturing and quality control protocols.”

About SenesTech 

SenesTech is changing the paradigm of pest management by targeting the root cause of the problem: reproduction.

ContraPest® is an innovative technology that targets the reproductive capabilities of Norway and roof rats. As a highly palatable liquid, the formulation promotes sustained consumption, helping to reduce fertility in both male and female rats, bringing populations down and keeping them down. Our delivery system is designed to minimize handler exposure, and ContraPest is dispensed inside tamper resistant bait stations, minimizing the risks to non-target species.

As a versatile tool, ContraPest can be used within your Integrated Pest Management program to help reduce reproduction and magnify the success of your IPM protocols or as a standalone, non-lethal solution for customers that are looking to reduce or eliminate their use of lethal methodologies.

ContraPest is a Restricted Use Pesticide, due to applicator expertise. Please read and comply with all label instructions. For more information visit the SenesTech website at

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