SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Saves Another Life at Cincinnati Children’s

Implant Marks Over 2080 Total SynCardia Total Artificial Heart Cases

A 17-year-old is alive today thanks to the work of Dr. David Morales, his team and the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart. The implant of the award-winning 70cc device was performed on March 28, 2024.The teenager was diagnosed with what could have been fatal biventricular heart failure, complicated by a large blood clot in the left ventricle.

David Morales, MD is Executive Co-Director, Heart Institute Director, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and the James Scott Tweddell Chair of Congenital Heart Surgery.

Congratulations to Dr Morales and the entire Cincinnati Childrens Hospital team. This is the 10th SynCardia Total Artificial Heart implanted at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and the 12th for Dr Morales personally and we are proud to partner with him and this team.

About Biventricular Heart Failure

Biventricular heart failure, also known as congestive heart failure (CHF) or simply heart failure, is a condition where the heart’s ventricles (the lower chambers) are not able to pump blood effectively to meet the body’s needs. In biventricular heart failure, both left and right ventricles are affected.

Overall, heart failure including biventricular involvement remains a significant health concern in the United States, contributing to high rates of hospitalization, healthcare cost and morbidity and mortality. 

About SynCardia

SynCardia Systems, LLC, a Picard Medical Company, is headquartered in Tucson, AZ. SynCardia sells the world’s first and only US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada approved total artificial heart indicated as bridge to transplant for patients suffering from biventricular heart failure. The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is available in two sizes to accommodate patients’ diverse physiologies. The Freedom Portable Driver™ allows clinically stable patients to be discharged from the hospital to enjoy life at home while they wait for a heart transplant. The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart has been successfully used in over 2,080 patients and is the most widely used and extensively studied total artificial heart in the world.

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