Systems Imagination partners with Macrogen Corp. to provide superior genomic data generation and integrated analytical services.

 Systems Imagination (SII), a knowledge evolution company, announced today a partnership with Macrogen Corp. of Rockville, Maryland, the integrated genomic service provider and precision medicine biotechnology company.


Systems Imagination siiThis partnership combines Macrogen’s expertise in optimizing conditions for the generation of high quality genomic data and primary data analytics with the Bioinformatics on Demand™ service offering by SII. This partnership will result in high quality, cost-effective data generation and analysis for pharmaceutical research with rapid turnaround times.
“We have been working with Macrogen for the past year and are excited to announce our formal alliance,” commented Chris Yoo, Chief Executive Officer of Systems Imagination.  “The pharmaceutical industry is seeking rapid, cost-effective solutions to generate genomic data to support their drug development pipelines. Additionally, our clients are often faced with the challenge of generating high quality data from inferior samples. By partnering with Macrogen we can provide our customers an integrated solution whereby data generation is optimized and paired with an innovative on demand analytics to drive drug development.”


SII Bioinformatics On Demand™ service offering allows pharmaceutical research companies that might not have the internal bandwidth or resources to conduct comprehensive genomic analyses for clinical drug development to have a team of experts at their fingertips. The collaboration between Systems Imagination and Macrogen will provide an integrated solution for the many challenges experienced by our clients optimizing the generation of data, reducing costs and delays in data analysis. “In the age of Big Data, combining the efficiency of the data production and data interpretation will be a powerful tool to create actionable information for precision medicine,” stated Sang Tae Park, CEO of Macrogen Corp. “We are very excited to partner with Systems Imagination to make this into reality for our clients in the ever growing field of genomics.”


About Systems Imagination, Inc.

Systems Imagination (SII) is a privately held big data analytics company that offers tech-enabled services and Bioinformatics On Demand™ to accelerate the discovery and evolution of scientific knowledge. SII’s Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Solution uses a proprietary knowledge computing platform and expert analytical services by a world-class team of scientific and clinical experts, enabling clients to translate Big Data into useful scientific knowledge with unprecedented speed and precision. For more information, visit



About Macrogen Corp.

Macrogen Corp. (Rockville, MD), established in 2005, also shares two decades of experience of Macrogen Inc. (Seoul, Korea) in top-quality genomic sequencing. Building on its origins of Korea, Macrogen is continually expanding both globally and with the services that it provides, including the launching of CLIA-certified services in 2012. With its participation in data-building programs, such as GenomeAsia100K and precisionFDA initiatives, Macrogen is always striving to be at the forefront of the $1000 Genome Era. For more information, please visit


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Chris Yoo

Chief Executive Officer

Systems Imagination, Inc.



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