TGen Launches Vidium Animal Health

After more than a decade of studying naturally occurring cancer in pet dogs, the next logical step was developing a company to provide genomic-based precision-medicine to veterinary oncologists and pet parents. TGen did just that with the launch of Vidium Animal Health.


“Vidium is built around the human-animal bond, as the majority of pet parents consider their dog part of their family,” said Vidium president David Haworth, DVM, PhD. “When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, it’s an emotional time for everyone. We want to offer the very best information, and hope, that science can offer.”

To increase a pets’ chance of survival, Vidium created a test designed specifically to identify any of the nearly 120 known cancer-associated genetic mutations in dogs, and use the molecular profile of misbehaving genes to help guide diagnosis and treatment.
Founder and Chief Science Officer, Will Hendricks PhD, has spent much of the past decade dedicated to the pursuit of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancers in animals to better understand human cancers and vice versa.

Dr. Hendricks points to a landmark 2019 study that the same gene for a particular type of breast cancer, HER2, also appears to play an important role in lung cancer in many dogs.

“Vidium was born from our finding that the genetic underpinnings of canine cancers reflected the same fundamental science that allowed us to apply precision medicine toward treating human cancers,” said Hendricks. “Our goal is to equip veterinarians with the best information possible to help guide the clinical management of the dogs in their care.”

Reports are customized with technical language designed for clinicians and easier-to-understand lay language for pet parents that fully communicates the details of their pet’s condition. While Vidium’s initial focus is canine cancer, the goal is to expand its genomic offerings to other diseases, and other animal breeds.

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