Theriome Unveils Advanced Personalized Health Testing Platform, Shaping the Future of Precision Medicine

In a significant leap forward for precision medicine, Theriome is excited to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art personalized health testing platform. This breakthrough is set to redefine the parameters of healthcare, delivering highly individualized health insights with unprecedented accuracy.

Advancing Personalized Medicine with Precision Metabolomics

Theriome’s advanced platform operates at the intersection of precision medicine and metabolomics, utilizing sophisticated analytical methods to scrutinize an expansive array of metabolomic biomarkers. The process begins with a simple at-home collection method, where individuals can collect a dried blood sample through a non-invasive finger prick.

Once collected, the sample undergoes a comprehensive analysis that employs mass spectrometry and proprietary bioinformatic algorithms to evaluate 126 distinct sentinel metabolomic biomarkers. This meticulous scrutiny allows for a granular view of the individual’s current metabolic state, identifying nuanced biomarker deviations that may signify:

  • Subclinical and clinical nutrient deficiencies and neurotransmitter imbalances,
  • Early metabolic patterns indicative of 480 distinct disease profiles,
  • The presence of environmental toxins that often elude standard detection methodologies, and
  • Potential metabolic disturbances that could signal the need for dietary or lifestyle interventions.

Utilizing Digital Twinning to Personalize Health Protocols

Theriome’s platform transcends traditional analysis by implementing a ‘digital twinning’ process. This sophisticated technology creates a virtual avatar of the individual’s metabolic framework, simulating interactions with thousands of potential interventions. The goal is to pinpoint personalized strategies that can exert the most beneficial impact on an individual’s wellness trajectory.

A Vision for Personalized and Proactive Healthcare

“We are at the cusp of a revolution in healthcare, where personalized medicine becomes the standard, not the exception,” explains Dr. Paniz Jasbi, CSO and Co- Founder of Theriome. “Our aim is to demystify individual biology, elucidating the complex web of metabolic pathways and their interactions with lifestyle, dietary habits, and environmental exposures. Our technology empowers individuals to preemptively address potential health issues with bespoke health protocols.”

“Our aspiration is to pivot the healthcare paradigm from a reactive stance to a proactive, personalized framework that emphasizes the individual’s holistic well- being,” Dr. Jasbi continues.

The Theriome Promise: Empowering Individuals for Optimal Health

Backed by a robust foundation in scientific research and an unwavering dedication to innovation, Theriome is set to become a vanguard in the domain of personalized health and wellness solutions. With this cutting-edge testing platform, Theriome is not only providing key health insights but is also championing a movement for empowered self-care, enabling individuals to live more vibrant, health-conscious lives.

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About Theriome:

Theriome stands at the forefront of personalized health solutions, delivering an advanced platform that offers a deep dive into one’s metabolic health. Our mission is to arm individuals with actionable knowledge and tools essential for navigating their health and well-being. With Theriome’s trailblazing technology, individuals can confidently make informed decisions to optimize their health outcomes.


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