Ventana Medical Systems Founder Dr. Tom Grogan takes on new role as Founder Emeritus

Dr. Tom Grogan set out on a path to change the practice of medicine 32 years ago when he founded Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., now a global leader in cancer diagnostics that was acquired by Swiss-based Roche Group in 2008. 

Dr. Tom Grogan accepts the AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2014

Driven to make cancer diagnosis faster and more accurate, Dr. Grogan, then a practicing pathologist at the University of Arizona, built from a garage startup a truly innovative company that automated tissue-based diagnostic tests while improving patient safety.
After a remarkable career spent helping to save and extend the lives of millions of cancer patients globally, Dr. Grogan has elected to retire as Founder and Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Roche Tissue Diagnostics, effective September 30.
He has taken on the new role of Founder Emeritus, where he will dedicate himself to mentoring and scientific advisory responsibilities. Dr. Grogan will maintain a presence on the Tucson campus, seated side-by-side with other pathologists and helping to find solutions to challenges in continually evolving diagnostic technologies.
By assembling a world-class team over the past few decades, Dr. Grogan built what is today known as Roche Tissue Diagnostics, a business unit within the Roche Group that is leading the way in personalized healthcare – a term that means linking the most accurate diagnosis with the most targeted and relevant therapeutic available for each patient.
The company provides more than 250 cancer tests with related instruments for delivery to over 90 countries to improve patient outcomes, making the company the leading supplier of cancer diagnostic systems to the pathology market. Roche Tissue Diagnostics is regarded as a diagnostics pioneer, evidenced by the over 900 patents issued globally.
As Founder Emeritus, Dr. Grogan is excited to continue to provide inspiration and mentorship to the members of the Roche community.
“I am proud we have created a culture and community whose members are carrying out the mission of improving the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer,” Dr. Grogan said. “I feel great about now serving in an advisory role to this inspirational community of innovators in some of the strategic projects that are poised to make an even greater impact in the lives of cancer patients.”
In addition to changing the practice of medicine globally, Dr. Grogan and his wife, Cande Grogan, have made a lasting impact locally as philanthropists, supporting causes that include the University of Arizona, local arts organizations and the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona.
“Tom has dedicated his life to the service of patients, who have always been at the center of what he does,” said Ann Costello, President of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. “Through his pioneering work in automating tissue diagnostics, he created a world where patients and their doctors have faster and more accurate information to guide therapy and ensure patients have the best treatment possible. We are very fortunate that Tom will continue to inspire innovation that has the power to save lives.”​
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