Vidium Animal Health® SearchLight DNA® Added to Antech Diagnostics® Portfolio of Tests Expanding Veterinarians’ Ability to Diagnose and Treat Cancer in Dogs

PHOENIX—September 22, 2022Vidium Animal Health announced today that it has entered a reseller agreement with Antech Diagnostics to provide SearchLight DNA, the best-in-class genomic diagnostic for cancer in dogs, to Antech’s large North American customer base. Genomic diagnostics in general, and SearchLight DNA in particular, are a key part of expanding the use of personalized medicine in canine patients.

Cancer is a disease of mutations. When changes in a cell’s DNA occur and cause the cell to divide uncontrollably, a tumor results. With the advent of therapies designed to specifically counteract the effects of these mutations, there is a growing new hope for patients with cancer, but only after those mutations are determined. When tumor cells are tested using SearchLight DNA, a next-generation sequencing panel test looking at the three most relevant forms of mutations in 120 of the genes most important to tumorigenesis, the genetic drivers of that tumor can be ascertained. This, in turn, can indicate new treatments and new hope for dogs with cancer and their families.

“We are excited to make SearchLight DNA available to Antech’s customer base and bring this technology and its benefits to thousands of veterinary hospitals across North America,” said David Haworth, DVM, PhD, president and co-founder of Vidium.

Commenting on the growing impact of genomic diagnostics, Will Hendricks, PhD, chief science officer and founder of Vidium, said, “Targeted therapies coupled with genomic diagnostics have changed the way cancer is treated in humans and we’re so pleased to be able to bring this approach to veterinary medicine.”

“Far too many dogs leave their families too soon because of the ravages of cancer and at Antech, we’re doing everything we can to turn that tide,” said Chris Marshall, vice president, new product commercialization, Antech Diagnostics. “We’re excited to add SearchLight DNA to our growing portfolio of molecular diagnostics aimed at diagnosing cancer as early as possible and helping veterinarians offer personalized, targeted care wherever possible.”

To inquire about using SearchLight DNA through Antech Diagnostics, call 1-800-872-1001 in the US, or 1-800-341-3440 in Canada.


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