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The White Hat Life Science Investor Conference is going digital in 2020.

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Today innovators across the Rocky Mountain Southwest Region are pioneering new ways to :

  • Prevent disease and improve health.

  • Provide more timely and accurate diagnostics

  • Personalize therapies so that the right patient gets the right treatments at the right time and has the best possible outcome

  • Engineer medical devices that improve the quality of life 

  • Utilize the best of information technology to promote healthy behaviors, manage disease, and improve care. 

White Hat Investors 2020, a biotech and healthcare DIGITAL investor conference, will showcase exciting biotech and medtech companies from across the Rocky Mountain & Southwest Region September 13 - 19, 2020 during Arizona Bioscience Week.

Use the Arizona Bioscience Week App to connect with a new generation of biotech and healthcare pioneers.

Arizona Bioscience Week App & Partnering

After registering for White Hat 2020, attendees will be enrolled in the Arizona Bioscience Week Partnering App.   

This will provide access to the schedule of  full week of AZBW 2020 online educational events and exclusive White Hat 2020 features.

White Hat attendees will have exclusive access to:

  • Set up 1:1 White Hat Virtual Partnering Meetings using video and audio 
  • Special White Hat Investor Panels
  • Video Spotlight Presentations from 32 Life Science Companies competitively selected by a panel of investors.

Invitations to the AZBW 2020 app will be sent to registered attendees the week of August 31, 2020.

Meetings will be scheduled between  September 13th and September 19th.


Is White Hat for You?  


"The Arizona bioscience community is one of the best kept investment secrets in the western United States.  

White Hat attracts large and small investors and provides a chance to support new life science companies

and make some money in the process!"  White Hat 2020 co-chair Jason Jardine


32 Exciting Presenting Companies

  • Diagnostics Companies

  • Therapeutics (Drugs and Biologics) Companies

  • Medical Device Companies

  • Health IT, Telemedicine, and mHealth Companies

White Hat Presenting Companies are selected from applications submitted from companies across the Rocky Mountain Southwest by a panel of life science investors.

Scroll down to view the 2020 White Hat Presenting Companies.


Who should attend?

  • Angel Investors

  • Family Offices

  • Venture Capital Firms

  • Institutional Investors

  • Strategic Investors

  • Supporting Organizations

  • Life Science Companies Seeking Investment and Strategic Partners

Investors receive complimentary access to all Arizona Bioscience Week events including White Hat. 

The White Hat Life Science Investor Conference is held every two years.  Alternate years are supported by the Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor and Partnering Conference in Colorado. This fundraising metric is based on SEC reports filed by White Hat presenting companies in the years following their appearance at White Hat.

Investor is defined as a representative of a family office, investment fund, corporate investment /business development professional for life science oriented firms (strategic investors), granting foundations, venture capital firm, and accredited investors.   (Accredited investor status is subject to validation/certification when requesting complimentary registration.) All Investors registered to participate in White Hat 2020 will have EXCLUSIVE access to recorded 10-minute preseasons from each of the White Hat 2020 Presenting Companies so that you can view the presentation before scheduling your 1:1 partnering meeting to start/continue a conversation.  Access to company presentations is ONLY available to Investors.


Get to know the White Hat 2020 Presenting Companies  



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White Hat is a signature component of Arizona Bioscience Week. Click the image to learn more

White Hat is a signature component of Arizona Bioscience Week.  Click the image to learn more