AZBio Watch List and State Budget Update


All eyes are on the State Capitol as Arizona State Budget negotiations are now in full swing. 

The House introduced its spending package Thursday night and and heard the bills in Appropriations Committee and Committee of the Whole on Friday.

Arizona’s Senate  introduced its version on Tuesday, heard them in Appropriations Wednesday, and debated them in Committee of the Whole on Friday.  All amendments will be considered in Committee of the Whole.

Major points on the $470 million in one-time spending in FY16 and FY17 include:

  • $30 million for school building renewal,
  • $232 million in rollover payments,
  • $19 million for the universities (after $99 million dollar cut last year)
  • $600,000 for district-sponsored charter schools,
  • $5 million for a college credit incentive pilot program,
  • Agency consolidations include
    • Elimination of the Dept. of Fire, Building and Life Safety, and transfer its functions to other agencies.
    • Geological Survey responsibilities are being shifted to the University of Arizona,
    • The Oil and Gas Commission will be transferred over to the Dept of Environmental Quality,
    • The OSHA Review Board will transfer over to the Industrial Commission.
  • Department of Child Safety is proposed to get $67.1 million more in FY16 and then another $52.4 million in FY17,
  • Department of Corrections may get $24 million
    • $17 million for 1,000 prison beds.

Click here to view AZBio’s Letter to our elected leaders on Budget Priorities.

Unfortunately, at this time, neither the House or the Senate Packages contain funds to replenish the Angel Investor Tax Credit funds.  On June 16, 2015, the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA)  certified an allotment of tax credits that caused the initial $20 million angel tax credit cap to become fully subscribed. That means ACA is unable to certify further investments for angel tax credits until a new funding source is established by the Legislature.

To learn more about this critical program for Arizona’s Innovation Economy, please click here.

The links below will take you to the full text of the House and Senate Budget Proposals:


SB1526 general appropriations; 2016-2017
SB1527 appropriations; capital outlay; 2016-2017
SB1528 bonus depreciation; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1529 budget procedures; 2016-2017
SB1530 agency consolidation; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1531 credit enhancement; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1532 criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1533 environment; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1534 government; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1535 budget reconciliation; health; 2016-2017
SB1536 human services; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1537 higher education; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1538 K-12 education; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
SB1539 budget reconciliation; revenue; 2016-2017


HB2695 general appropriations act; 2016-2017
HB2696 appropriations; capital outlay; 2016-2017.
HB2697 bonus depreciation; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2698 budget procedures; 2016-2017.
HB2699 agency consolidation; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2700 credit enhancement; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017
HB2701 criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2702 environment; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2703 government; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2704 budget reconciliation; health; 2016-2017.
HB2705 human services; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2706 budget reconciliation; higher education; 2016-2017
HB2707 K-12 education; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017.
HB2708 revenue; budget reconciliation; 2016-2017

Click here to view AZBio’s Letter to our elected leaders on Budget Priorities.

No significant movement is expected on the bills below until after the budget process has been completed. AZBio will continue to work with our contract lobbyists at Dorn Policy Group and provide information to the community on the State Budget as the negotiations continue.

AZBio Watch List

Bills Signed by Gov. Ducey

HB2144 genetic testing; informed consent
HB2386 patent troll prevention act (as amended)
SB1474  human fetus; embryo; prohibited actions
SB1525 JTED restoration and reforms

Bills sent to the Secretary of State

SCR1005 rights of caregivers; recognition

Passed Both Chambers – Pending Concurrence on Amendments from the originating chamber

HB2271 universities; commercial paper
HB2307 anatomical gifts; procurement organizations; licensure
HB2310  biological products; prescription orders
HB2362 nurse licensure compact

HB2502 medical licensure compact
HB2503 psychologists; licensure compact
HB2504 physical therapy licensure compact

Bills still in the process

HB2309 children’s health insurance program (needs Senate action)
HB2640 appropriation; pediatric neurological autoimmune disorders
HB2666 governor’s economic opportunity office; consolidation
HCR2031 personal property tax; exemption
SB1112 pharmacists; scope of practice (pending Conference Committee)
SB1113 student loans; teachers; appropriation (pending RULES)
SB1363 insurance coverage; telemedicine
Bills Not Progressing
HB2266       durable medical equipment suppliers; requirements (Not Heard in Committee)
HB2275        genetically engineered foods; labeling (Not Heard in Committee)
HB2321        pilot program; STEM internship
HB2523        contact lenses; prescriptions.
HB2601        R&D tax credits; conversion;
HCR2039     multiple sclerosis awareness week (used as a “strike everything” vehicle)
SB1006        institutional investor; definition
SB1139         tax credit cap; angel investor
The next meeting of the AZBio Government Affairs Committee will be THURSDAY May 12th at 3 PM AZ/PAC.
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